10 Fresh Ways to Style a Duster For Spring 2023

Long, dark, and handsome, dusters are *the moment.*

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People have been wearing dusters for ages, but despite being tailor-made for layering and available in a variety of finishes from knits to leather, dusters tend to quietly trend without ever going fully mainstream. (We heartily disagree with this. A duster for one and all! May 2023 be the year of the duster!) Although the piece is incredibly versatile, figuring out how to style a duster coat can be a bit of a headache, especially since proportions and balance come into play.

However, this cool, effortless layer will fit right in with your weekly wardrobe rotation, and there are dozens of ways to style a duster in 2023, from super casual to ultra-chic. To get you started, here are 10 very fresh duster coat outfit ideas to try this spring.

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With Baggy Clothing

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A great duster plays well with volume and you can pull those dramatic lines into what you wear under your duster as well. Wide-leg pants and a loose crop top keep things looking effortless. Pop on a platform heel to add a touch of glamour.

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To Soften a Bold Print

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If you’ve got a bold dress, jumpsuit, or matching set languishing in your closet that you can’t quite find the courage to wear out, a duster might just be the push you need to finally break it out. Dusters can swallow up whatever you’ve got on underneath, which isn’t always a pro, but in the case of a super bold print, a neutral duster might be just what you need.

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With Elevated Athleisure

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Celebrity stylist Shea Daspin previously gushed to InStyle about the casual possibilities dusters provide. “Depending on what climate you live in, you can wear the duster alone as a jacket, layer a hoodie underneath, or a trench on top,” Daspin said. Take a page out of Daspin’s stylish book by sweeping a duster on over your comfiest sweats and sneakers. Want to skew slightly more chic? A corset top over a long-sleeve knit has you covered.

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Over a Turtleneck

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Show off your cinched waist with a sleekly inspired ‘fit. The lengthening effect a turtleneck or mock turtleneck offers is definitely enhanced by the long lines of a duster coat.

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With a Modern Canadian Tuxedo

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We’re not recommending everyone rush outside in their most matchy-matchy denim-on-denim set, but we are saying that such a look, when modernized with tasteful touches like subtle prints or distressed finishes, pairs well with a duster.

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With Thigh-High Boots

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We’ve already established that dusters pair well with major “fashion moment” statement pieces and is there really a bigger, better fashion statement than a sumptuous pair of thigh-high boots? We think not. When styling a duster with thigh-high boots, don’t be afraid of creating a little contrast with color.

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Pair With Neons

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The sheer size of a duster jacket can overwhelm an outfit, but you can balance out the length and volume of a duster by wearing it over a neon ‘fit and tossing a few technicolor accessories into the mix. Jewelry, knitwear, and a handbag or purse in shades of electric blue and green go above and beyond to brighten up this heavyweight outerwear.

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Over a Sheer ‘Fit

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A duster can also give you the confidence to indulge in a major trending fashion moment: a sheer outfit. The length and bulk of this style of coat can offer the coverage you need to feel confident and secure in even the most diaphanous chiffon slip.

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With a Romantic Dress

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Just like game recognizes game, the long lines of a duster are elevated and enhanced when paired with a full-bodied skirt or dress. When styling a duster with a romantic dress, aim to match up any pleated or draped details for some serious sartorial synchronicity.

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With Fishnets

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Often considered a polarizing accessory, fishnets are undoubtedly cool, but can be a bit much. Thankfully, there’s a jacket for that. In fact, fishnets can seem almost subtle when peeking out from underneath a duster jacket. Pairing fishnet stockings or tights with a bright pop of color or an eye-catching print rather than an all-black look also serves to tone down and elevate them.

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