10 Must-Have Products From Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore took her platform to make a cruelty-free beauty line with the quality that makeup artists love.

Years ago Drew Barrymore launched Flower Beauty by Drew, she wanted to use her platform to create a beauty line that is cruelty-free, affordable and of the same quality that makeup-artists love.

Barrymore now has her own talk show, and she still uses her own products to get camera ready – that is how much she believes in her products. The line has started to make many vegan products, but everything this 100% cruelty-free.

Flower has become very well known for their nail polishes, their super powerful lipstick and high-quality mascara for the drug-store price. Among these viral products, are more and they continue to take customer feedback and make updates along the way.

Check out these 10 viral products by Flower Beauty By Drew.


10 Petal Play Shadow Quad

Aren’t you tired of having a big palette with a bunch of colors that you don’t know or ever use? Get a simple quad of colors that blend perfectly together. Your options range from nudes and browns to pinks, purples and oranges.

Get the perfect pop of color for your eyes, the brand claims these colors are crease free so you can get a buildable and long-lasting pop.

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9 Jet Set Invisible Powder Spray

Get the matte look all summer long with this spray-on powder, for every time you feel a little bit shiny, simply spray it on. Sometimes reapplying a powder can be a lot of work, you have to navigate the powder around your bronzer and blush – cause you just want a touch-up, not a re-do.

The spray gives you a matte reapplication, without the hassle of a powder. Carry it in your bag for work to reapply before happy hour.

8 Gel Crush Lip & Cheek

You have to love a two-in-one product, and so does Barrymore herself – the Gel Crush Lip & Cheek is her favorite summer essential. Get a lip pop of color for your lips and cheeks, all while getting the monochromatic look with this gel touch of color.

Plus the packaging is perfectly compatible so you can have that flushed look on the go.

7 Blush Bomb Color Drops

If you love liquid blush products,  you have to try this liquid blush. It is creamy and has a long-lasting color without feeling sticky or heavy on top of your makeup. This will be your favorite blush to put on top of a contour for the flushed and whimsical look.

It will perfectly blend into your complexion and will quickly become a daily essential for a long-lasting blush.

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6 Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Color

The Perfect Pout Matte Lip Color is a viral lip product, this matte lip color is long-lasting super pigmented and doesn’t fade throughout the day.

The color Dune actually sold out and is now back on popular demand, but take your pick from eight gorgeous colors. The second-generation formula contains hyaluronic acid and rose hip fruit oil to keep your lips hydrated and full of color all day long.

5 Warrior Princess Mascara

The Warrior Princess Mascara has been voted one of the best drug stores mascaras ever, and even better than many luxury brands. It has a creamy formula that is buildable, and really lifts your lashes.

It has a very unique hourglass application brush that can make your lashes look fanned out and defined to really make your eyes pop and your lashes look thick and curly. With just one coat, you will see a big difference.

4 Watercolor Eye Tint

Flower Beauty is really good at keeping up with the times, and this brand knows there is a demand for creamy eyeshadows. This is a product that anyone can use because it just takes the swish of a brush to have perfectly tinted lids for a pop of color in your eyes.

It is also infused with rosehip fruit oil to hydrate, not dry out your eyes, which makes it the perfect product for long-lasting wear.

3 Spotlight Liquid Highlight

Liquid highlighters, just like liquid bronzers and blushes are all the rage and they really get the job done by creating a shimmering complexion, especially the Spotlight Liquid Highlight which comes in three shimmery shades. What is most notable is the application sponge, so it creates a barrier between the skin and squeezing out product – that is one thing you don’t want, too much liquid highlighter because it is hard to get off.

This applicator makes it easy to get the perfect shimmer.

2 Fight The Light Bluelight Protection

Did you know that Flower also has an eyewear line? For that reason, they started to make a blue light protection spray for your eyes and skin. Close your eyes tightly, then spray the product a few inches from your face, misting it on all sides evenly.

1 Liquid Kajal Blendable Eyeliner

If you love an eyeliner with a little bit of shimmer, this is the perfect product – plus it allows you to get the look you want whether you prefer a fine-defined line or smudging it into your eyeshadow for a smokey look.

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