10 Outfits Depending On Your Summer Plans

Fashion says a lot about who you are, but also about where you are going.

And especially in summer when there is always an event going on, the dress code is unspoken but specific. You already know when you look at your closet what you want to wear to brunch on Sunday versus the picnic you have planned next week.

Fashion speaks for the event, and it ends up contributing to the vibe. Check out these 10 outfits depending on your summer plans to embody that vibe and help you seek inspiration. You can pull pieces from your summer capsule closet,  current trends and some timeless statement pieces.


10 Going To The Beach

This year the fashion scene has been quite strong when it comes to beachy vibes and getting that always-on vacation look or the coastal look. A favorite look due to its use of comfortable items is leaning into coastal vibes with a two-piece outfit, a button-down with boxer shorts over a bikini with a bucket hat.

The more you can coordinate the colors, the better but it is absolutely not necessary.

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9 Museum Day

Maybe you want to escape the heat this summer by going to a museum, let it be your chance to finally hit up those museums in your city that you have never been but make sure you have the perfect outfit first.

You will want something flowy and comfortable as it is likely to be a long day, but of course, you want to look like someone who goes to museums more often – so arty. Try wide-leg pants with a stylish tank to match, try to match the colors for extra points. Don’t forget a chic bag and sandals.

8 Afternoon Picnic

The picnic vibe is an entire aesthetic of its own, there are a lot of options that dip into cottage core and pick up some trendy items like wide0leg pants with crops and converse.

One suggested look is a top with puffy short sleeves and a flowy mini skirt with a pattern and ruffle detail. Any variation of this look is always a good choice to achieve the aesthetic.

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7 Rooftop Happy Hour

A rooftop is a perfect opportunity to take some cute pictures so you better come ready, it should definitely be on your summer bucket list. Consider a two-piece suit, a colorful blazer with matching trouser shorts. You can wear a crop top or a bodysuit under it and pair it with some cute barely-there heels or mules.

Do lean into some layered necklaces and chunky gold hoop earrings, a rooftop is a time to go all out.

6 Summer Music Festival

Getting dressed for a music festival is not an easy task, there is a lot to think about. First and foremost, you want to look cute but you also need a sustainable outfit that will be comfortable the entire day and survive various weather patterns.

Consider the climate of the festival and reach for at least one comfy piece, like an athleisure skort, and build the outfit around that. One idea could be a T-shirt dress with cowgirl boots which are good for walking through a festival.

5 Day Trip

A day trip is another time you really want a sustainable outfit, something you will want to wear the entire day – plus you never know where the day could take you. Consider going for a stylish athleisure outfit, such as a two-piece set with a white button-down or an athleisure dress.

Wear something comfortable, and shoes to match – at the end of the day you will be happy you did. And just because an outfit is functional doesn’t mean it also isn’t stylish.


A BBQ calls for your most stylish capsule closet items, you can pull a pair of comfy white pants and pair them with a fun body suit, crop top or flowy top, depending on your preference.

Do go for fun accessories like cute sandals, sunnies and even a hat to protect you from the sun if you will be there for a while.

3 Brunch

Brunch is where things get complicated, just about any cute outfit is on the table from a flowy summer mini dress to a satin midi dress or a fun two-piece matching outfit.

To shake things up, grab for a pair of statement flowy pants and pair them with your white button-down, then go heavy on accessories like jewelry, shoes, a bag and a purse. Do wear your hair in a claw clip for extra style. Pro tip: unbutton the shirt to show some midriff.

2 Traveling

When you think about your airport look, you might be tempted to reach for sweats and a hoodie. You have one thing right, always dress in layers for the airport as planes can get pretty cold.

But if you want to up your settle, instead of sweats wear a pair of plisse pants and a T-shirt – or a matching plisse top. It is flowy, comfy and breezy for traveling in.

1 Living Your Best Life

You know that outfit in your closet that you are dying to wear – this is your sign to find a reason. You don’t need a specific plan to look great for yourself, put it on and take yourself out on a solo date if it lets you express yourself through fashion – it is worth it.

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