Jay-Z Says Daughter Blue Ivy Asks Him for Fashion Advice

Jay Z Says Blue Ivy Asks Him for Fashion Advice

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter attend Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Jay-Z finally earned daughter Blue Ivy’s stamp of approval. 

The 53-year-old rapper and record producer opened up about his relationship with the 11-year-old during a multi-part interview with Gayle King for CBS Mornings.  “Do your kids think you’re cool?” King, 68, asked Jay-Z, who hilariously revealed that Blue used to give him a hard time but has since come around. 

“She be frontin’ on me a little bit,” Jay-Z joked. “But 1698630575 I catch her. I catch her in the corner, you know? Now she asks me, you know, if this is cool, if her sneakers [are cool].” 

When King asked if that means Blue wants the Grammy winner’s fashion advice, he proudly responded, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Jay-Z went on to share that “there was a time” where Blue would get embarrassed by her dad, prompting him to tell her, “‘I’m cool. I don’t know what you saying. I’m cool! You got cool parents! At your house, your parents [are] cool.”

Jay-Z shares Blue with wife Beyoncé, whom he wed in April 2008. The couple are also the parents of 6-year-old twins, Rumi and Sir. 

Jay Z Says Blue Ivy Asks Him for Fashion Advice

(L-R) Blue Ive Carter and Beyoncé perform onstage during the “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR” at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on August 11, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

In Blue’s defense, the preteen is a star in her own right. She made headlines earlier this year when she joined Beyoncé, 42, on stage during her Renaissance World Tour to perform “My Power.” After her first surprise appearance in Paris, Blue showed off her daring skills at other concert stops, including London, New Jersey, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans.

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After denying Jay-Z’s cool, Blue Ivy now asks for her dad’s fashion advice

In a new interview with Gayle King, Jay-Z discusses his evolving relationship with his oldest daughter, Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé can sell out arenas around the world together and apart, but they weren’t always recognized as the global superstars they are by their eldest of three children, 11-year-old Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z, whom many might argue is the epitome of cool, revealed in a multi-part interview with Gayle King for “CBS Mornings” that he was once a source of embarrassment for Blue.

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Left to right: Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter attend Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on Feb. 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

“She used to be frontin’ on me a little bit,” he told King when asked if his oldest child thinks he’s cool.

He added, “There was a time where she was like, ‘Daaaaad’,” he teased, doing an impression of Blue covering her face in embarrassment.

Whenever Blue would question her parents’ coolness, Jay-Z would reportedly tell her, “I’m cool. I don’t know what you sayin’; I’m cool! You got cool parents! At your house, your parents [are] cool.”

Some may recall Blue being less than impressed when Jay-Z was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021. Thankfully, as she’s entered her preteen years, the mogul said she’s turned a corner on her perception of her father and his “coolness.”

“I catch her,” he said. “I catch her in the corner, you know? Now she asks me, you know, if this is cool; if her sneakers [are cool].”

Blue has not only asked her dad for style advice, she’s even begun to dress like him occasionally. The pair made headlines when they attended the Super Bowl at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona

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fashion tips fall HBCU homecoming season Clark Atlanta

Chyrelle Carter didn’t attend an HBCU, but through her business at Vanity Pix, she’s getting a taste of the experience every October.

The streetwear brand entrepreneur recently spoke to rolling out about her business journey, HBCUs and fashion tips for the upcoming fall season.

How did the concept of this brand come about?

I’ve been doing this for about five and a half years. As you see, I have the lightning bolt there [on Vanity Pix logo] because I believe in good vibes and good energy, so I’m all about that. I believe in having distinctive streetwear pieces that when you put them on, you feel amazing, you feel like you can conquer anything.

Why did you come to Clark Atlanta University’s homecoming?

Last year, I was fully employed working as a retail manager and I went to my first homecoming at TSU. I decided it would be amazing if I could do an HBCU homecoming tour. Lo and behold, I got fired in April and it allowed me to free up my time and focus on my business now.

I’ve never been to college myself, so I’m living vicariously and feeling the love by doing this and I absolutely love being around my people.

What fashion tips do you have for men this fall? 

Definitely layers. Always have your essential pieces like your favorite hoodie or favorite sweatshirt, I’m always about a staple piece. Do not be afraid to wear a staple piece, there are so many ways that you can wear it. If you need help, you can DM me, but just have fun. Let your outfit speak for you without you saying anything, but just do your own thing.

What fashions do you have available for women?

What I love about my brand is

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3 Fashion Tips That Will Instantly Transform Your Everyday Look

1. Expert Tailoring

Style success is all in the minute details, starting with how your clothes fit and fall on your body. A sophisticated, expensive pair of trousers will look sloppy if they’re dragging on the ground, while a crisp white button-up can appear shapeless if you’re drowning in the fabric.   

Tailored clothing not only looks more polished, but it will also feel more comfortable and complement your unique body shape. So, invest in a reliable tailor to ensure every piece of clothing shines

Once you’re confident that your staple fashion items fit you perfectly, you can start to play with different proportions (like oversized blazers) and statement pieces (like leather jackets or cashmere knits) to add a stylish twist to your everyday look. 

Friend of Audrey outfit

Photo: Supplied

2. Refreshing Key Pieces

The quality and condition of your clothes has a major impact on your overall style, yet some of our most prized items can be hard to care for. Wrinkles, creases, faded colours and stains can bring even the most exciting of outfits and fabrics down if you’re unable to care for them properly.

A quick way to transform your tricky-to-clean outfits is Samsung’s Bespoke Mirror AirDresser, which can refresh even the most delicate of items—like leather and wool—in as little as 20 minutes using air and steam al one. The sleek home sanitising cabinet is a luxe investment, and a great way to  and elevate a ‘fit before work or date night.

Samsung AirDresser


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Africa Glam: How Priscilla Ojo looks her best every time

It’s a no-brainer that her impeccable style would be on brand for Africa Glam, a new mobile game about African glitz, glamour, fashion, fame and everything Priscilla represents.

We had a quick chat with her to learn about all the secrets that leave her looking her best at all times.

  1. Always dress appropriately no matter where you’re going.
  2. Always make sure your hair is done.
  3. Focus on quality items over quantity.

I make sure I have breakfast every morning to start my day — it’s usually hectic so I need all the strength I can get. I have a short meeting with my glam team, we go through the client’s brief then a final check through the outfits, and then we head out to the location of the shoot. From then, it’s hair, makeup, styling, camera, lights and action!

On other days, I’m prepping to make an appearance at a client’s event, or I’m heading to the airport for a paid appearance outside the country. If I’m not working, I let my hair down, go for drinks and back home. But if I don’t have a shoot, I head to my office at Priscy’s Closet, a retail boutique I own.

My environment and my mum, Iyabo Ojo, inspire my glam. And, absolutely yes, Africa Glam can and will inspire aspiring fashionistas. It’s a unique app that’s fun and interesting and allows you to experiment with fashion.

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Payal Pratap’s Lakme Fashion Week collection: A fusion of modernity and tradition Inspired by Kutch

For those who appreciate style and yet believe in experimenting, ace fashion designer Payal Pratap’s collection are perfect choice. Showing her love for Kutch, she presented the rich craft with a contemporary touch. The collection shown at Lakme Fashion Week is made of handwoven khadi cotton and handloom linens, woven stripes, chambray weaves, silks, and bandhani patterns on silk.

She got candid about her collection and how Kutch became her inspiration. Payal told ANI, “Three times I have drawn inspiration from Kutch. I love every bit of that region in terms of textile, craft and all the handwork they do. I use bits and pieces from there and use it in my collection.”

The fashion designer mentioned the asymmetrical wrap skirts, lungi trousers and extensive mixing and matching as things she enjoys about the area. She claims that Kutch is known for its wide range of outfits that resemble a tapestry made of hand stitching and needlework. Sharing fashion tips for the youth today, she said, “Have your own sense of style, it’s not always necessary to adopt Western culture. Use your own ideas that make you feel comfortable.” (ANI)

(This story has not been edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

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ACL: Festival fashion tips | The Baylor Lariat

Hallie Dancy shows how she incorporated her CamelBak water pack into her outfit at last year’s ACL festival. Photo courtesy of Hallie Dancy Photo credit: Olivia Eiken

By Olivia Eiken | Staff Writer

Festival season is the Met Gala for young people, and Austin City Limits is no exception.

The struggle between finding something comfortable to wear and wanting to showcase the most elaborate outfit on Instagram is so real. Seasoned festival-goers have a general understanding of where that perfect compromise is and want to let others in.

Students who have previously gone to ACL provided their festival staples and something new they plan to incorporate this year.

1. (Comfortable) cowboy boots

Given that the festival is in Austin, cowboy boots are nothing out of the ordinary. They certainly hold their own both in everyday life and in festivals.

Caddo Mills junior Hallie Dancy said she probably won’t wear cowboy boots this year because she “just knows [her] feet are going to hurt just as bad as they did last year” and “it’s not worth the blisters in the end.”

In contrast, Irving junior Vennela Vattikuti said she is wearing cowboy boots regardless because they are “essential for the hippie, boho vibe I am going for.”

2. Knits galore

Knit and crochet tops have become increasingly popular through the years. They make perfect sense if you’re looking for a little more coverage but still want to look fashionable. Knit and crochet tops are also great because they are super breathable.

“I’m definitely wearing a lot of knit pieces, because I feel like that is super popular right now,” Dancy said. “I’m literally trying to look like a Pinterest board.”

3. CamelBak water packs

Mother nature doesn’t care that temperatures are supposed to be cool in October. In Texas, the

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Broncos Game Day Style Guide for Men: Elevate Your Fan Fashion

Game day fashion is about more than just showcasing your Broncos spirit: it’s an opportunity to express your unique style. Whether you’re tailgating, heading to the stadium, or watching the game from McGregor Square, the fit you choose can help you feel comfortable and confident. 

In this guide, we’ll explore a range of fashion tips and strategies to help you elevate your game day look. From clever layering techniques to unconventional pant choices and the art of accessorizing, you’ll discover how to stand out from the crowd while supporting your favorite team.

So, let’s dive into the world of game-day fashion and unlock the secrets to looking dope while staying spirited. 

Embrace Layers

Photo courtesy opf Pinterest

Not only do layers help elevate your look, they’re perfect for combatting unpredictable Denver weather. Take your game day look to the next level by mastering the art of layering. Though a simple white t-shirt will do the trick under your jersey on hotter days, take it up a notch by adding visible layers underneath.

Visualize your Broncos jersey or t-shirt as the focal point of your outfit. Layer a well-fitted long-sleeved shirt underneath for subtle elevation, or throw it over a hoodie for a grungier look. 

Don’t be afraid to throw layers on top as well. While a well-worn denim jacket is a quality staple and will never truly go out of style, bomber jackets and letterman-style are sweeping fall fashion this year. 

Think Beyond Blue Jeans

game <a href=day fashion pants” width=”564″ height=”842″/

Photo Courtesy of Pause Magazine

Quality denim is irreplaceable but it can also be a little boring. 

Ditch the predictable blue jeans to embrace a fresh take on game day style. Instead, pair your favorite Broncos gear with chinos or cargo pants. Chinos add a touch of sophistication to your

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GOP Congressman Goes Viral for Giving ‘Democrat Operative’ Fashion Advice

Amid the debate over what elected officials should wear in the halls of Congress, Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee offered some fashion advice to a Capitol Hill reporter.

While the Senate is dealing with the fallout of allowing Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania to show up to work in shorts and hoodies, Burchett made it clear he supports men dressing appropriately.

In a video clip, the Republican was approached by a reporter, who asked him about former President Donald Trump’s comments on negotiations to keep the government running after this month.

“Representative, do you support Trump’s call to shut down the government?” the reporter asked.

Burchett paused for a moment before he said, “He has not called me.”


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The lawmaker then sized up the reporter, who was wearing a button-down shirt, khaki shorts and black socks.

Burchett said, “And I do not — I do not — support you wearing black socks with short pants.”

The congressman walked away without another word.

Burchett shared the clip on X on Wednesday and referred to the reporter as a “Democrat operative.”

The video had 1.4 million views as of Thursday.

Scott Wong of NBC News shared Burchett’s post and commented, “There’s still a dress code on the House side … and [Burchett] is enforcing it!”


FBI Stunned as Global Satanic Pedophile Cult is Exposed Following Man’s Gun Possession Arrest

Burchett shared that post and

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