Professional stylist drops 3 tips on improving your 2024 fashion

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Kenzie offered fashion advice. Pic credit: @StylingWithKenzie/TikTok

Your New Year’s resolution might’ve revolved around improving your fashion in 2024.

The year is just beginning, so there’s still so much time to make necessary changes.

Professional stylist and TikToker @StylingWithKenzie shared a video breaking down some fashion advice she wants the world to know about.

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Kenzie currently has more than 544,000 people keeping up with her on TikTok.

She offers a paid styling master class for people who genuinely want to take fashion seriously.

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These are some of the free and helpful tips she shared online for people to lean into in 2024.

Stop comparing your style to influencers

Kenzie’s first tip is to stop comparing your style to the influencer fashion you see circulating on social media.

She claims that comparisons ruin your self-esteem and make it harder for people to feel good about themselves.

She also notes that it’s not sustainable for the everyday person.

Influencers might rock brand-new outfits every single day, but that doesn’t mean it’s something everyone else should feel pressured to do.

Kenzie says, “You’re constantly buying new things that don’t really make sense for your wardrobe and then just feeling overwhelmed or defeated.”

If comparing style to the world’s top influencers makes you feel that way, it’s best to listen to Kenzie’s advice.

Invest in the basics and plan ahead

Kenzie’s second tip is to start investing in the basics. Your wardrobe should be full of necessary staples that help you build your daily outfits.

She explains that collecting basic

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