Top-to-toe mother of the bride (or groom) fashion tips

It may be tough to be the mother of the groom, but the mother of the bride (MOB) gets my sympathy vote every wedding season. Forget the stress, potential running costs and emotional demands from fraught daughters — is there a harder dress code acronym to nail than MOB?

I don’t think so. I am 30, that age when everyone is getting married, and having lots of conversations with friends’ mothers about what they should wear for their daughter’s wedding. Finding their outfit is often more of a journey than the bride’s. Ahead of my wedding, my mum was quick to remind me that it would be the most important day of her life too. The outfit — a bespoke silk ruby-red wrap shirt dress — had to measure up.

The mothers of the couple have a starring role on the wedding day; MOB especially because it also involves a bit of backstage management. Either way, you’ve got to feel confident, comfortable and like yourself; equipped, style wise, to support the bride, perhaps play host and remain calm enough to enjoy it all.

It is no small feat. Consider the below tips a starting point.

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The ensemble

It’s got to be polished but not fusty; memorable without any risk of scene-stealing. Ideally your outfit should provide a bit of gravitas — this is your armour, remember — and come with enough give to let you hit the dancefloor. You also want it to be sufficiently special and unique, without risking a guest turning up in the same thing.

“Try to find an outfit that you really love,” says Lalage Beaumont, whose label is an MOB go-to.

Jasper Conran Edie midi dress, £420

Jasper Conran Edie midi dress, £420

“Don’t feel you have to step

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