13 stylish rainy-day outfits for looking cute even when it pours

Whether you love or hate a good old rainy day, when the weather is dreary out, it’s easy to feel uninspired fashion-wise or not know how to dress best. But despite what the weather forecast shows, you don’t have to stick to the same old rainy-day “uniform,” and it’s easy to nail a variety of cute rainy-day outfits depending on your mood and plans.

To help inspire some inclement-weather outfit ideas — outside of just a simple raincoat or rain boot — we asked stylists and fashion experts for tips as well as their favorite looks. And the one thing that all the best chic and stylish rainy-day outfits have in common: They’re practical too.

“On a rainy day, you obviously should lean into wearing waterproof fabrics, but I recommend layering pieces that are fashionable yet functional,” fashion expert Melissa Rivers says. “Investing in a pair of sleek, short rain boots that look like your regular ankle boots is a great way to elevate any rainy-day outfit. But you can never go wrong with the classic Hunter rain boots.”

To make shopping even easier, style coach Angela Brown adds that there are three simple things to keep in mind when looking for any fashionable yet functional rainy day outfits:

  1. Fabrics: A water-resistant outer layer is always a plus. “Nylon fibers are both water-resistant and durable — the perfect combo for a stylish rain jacket,” she says. “A polyester blend is also a great choice because of its wicking characteristic and ability to help keep you dry.”
  2. Layers: Wear an outer layer that can be removed and hung up to dry when you reach your destination. “When done correctly, layering will keep you both cute and comfortable,” she says. “With this in mind, you should wear no more than three
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