5 Expert-Approved Tips On How To Safely Travel With Fine Jewelry

Packing is one of the biggest thorns when it comes to planning a trip—especially trying to pack the little things like accessories and jewelry. It can be tempting to just throw your extra earrings and necklaces into your cosmetic bag and call it a day but a little pre-planning will help keep your jewelry safe and in great shape while abroad.

If you’re planning to bring your fine jewelry or special pieces with you on your next trip, you’ll want to read on. We spoke to fine jewelry designer Easter Ahn-Lee, the founder of Easter Ahn Design, to get her best tips on exactly what to do (and what not to do) when traveling with our best jewelry and accessories:

Wear It

According to Easter Ahn-Lee, the absolute best way to travel with your jewelry is to wear it. Having your jewelry exactly where you can see it—or, in this case, feel it—is by far the safest way to keep your everyday jewelry secure while on the go.

Use Resealable Bags

“When traveling with statement pieces or jewelry that you don’t wear on a daily basis, it is best to pack each piece separately with bags or pouches, and then store them in a travel jewelry box,” says Ahn-Lee. “Small plastic sealable baggies are an inexpensive way to store your jewelry, and keep chains from getting tangled and pieces from scratching each other.”

Bring a Travel Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of rings or other smaller pieces of jewelry, Ahn-Lee suggests investing in a travel jewelry box. “A travel jewelry box is a great way to keep your jewelry safe and organized,” she says. “A jewelry case should have an area for earrings to be held, places to hold your chains to prevent them from getting tangled, and space to add your rings or bigger pieces.”

Use the Hotel Safe

“The best way to store your jewelry while traveling when you’re not wearing it is to keep it safe and organized in one place (such as a travel jewelry box) and store it in a safe,” adds Ahn-Lee. “Any unworn items should be placed where you can easily find them and stored at room temperature away from the sun or heat—especially for more fragile colored stones such as morganite, pearls, and opals.”

Invest in Travel Insurance

Finally—you’ll want to consider investing in travel insurance. According to Ahn-Lee, travel insurance is generally not needed for everyday jewelry. Still, it is highly recommended for any high-valued items such as fine jewelry, expensive handbags, and other high-end accessories you want to bring on the road with you.

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