7 Modest Dressing Fashion Tips for Summer, According to Fashion Girlies

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It’s officially hot girl summer, and that definition is whatever you make of it. Whether you feel more comfortable and empowered in a summery bikini or completely covered is entirely up to you. But the good news is—if you prefer to dress more modestly—there are plenty of ways to do so while feeling cool and fresh this summer.

Whether you dress modestly for cultural reasons or you’re just not comfortable with lots of skin showing, there are tons of ways to stay cool in the hot sun while looking and feeling your best. We spoke with Sahara Yar and Luley Jeylani, two of our favorite modest fashion girlies, and they shared some great advice with us.

When it comes to modest fashion, it’s all about being confident and sophisticated, and Jeylani perfectly explains how it has allowed her to embrace her uniqueness, “I plan to continue empowering young girls and women to embrace modest fashion and beauty while celebrating their individuality and self-confidence, because true beauty is found within each of you.” Yar goes on to add, “Just because I choose modesty, it doesn’t mean I do not also choose fashion. The two marry beautifully and I love exploring new styles and sharing them with my followers.”

Keep scrolling to get a look at some of the best ways to rock modest fashion this summer, along with some of our top shopping picks.

Sahara Yar is a content creator covering modest fashion, beauty, and culture.

Luley Jeylani is a beauty and fashion content creator who focuses on modest fashion.

Elevate Your Basics

Basics are key to building a modest summer wardrobe, and pieces like bodysuits and tees are perfect for layering. “Take your basic summer essentials to the next level by investing in high-quality fabrics that can last you throughout the summer and beyond,” says Jeylani.

Play Around With Printed Dresses

Modest doesn’t mean boring, so find fun, printed dresses that will make a statement. “Don’t be afraid of prints and texture in your wardrobe,” says Jeylani. “Adding a unique element to your wardrobe that’s a bright color and brings out your undertones can make a fashion statement while remaining modest. Adding these minor elements to your outfit allows you to take a basic look up a notch while not compromising your modesty.”

Wear Breathable Pants

Constricting silhouettes aren’t a good idea during the summer, so make sure to go for breathable styles, instead. “Anything loose and airy is key,” Yar shares. “Stick to very loose silhouettes and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. The moment I switched to wearing linen on those unbearably hot summer days is when I finally realized that was the key to modesty in the summer.”

Go for Fun Necklaces

Spice up your modest looks with some bold jewelry. It’s a fun way to elevate any outfit. “It’s easy to get caught up on what’s trendy, but it’s even easier to invest in some good basics and find subtle ways that point to trends (like accessories) while maintaining modesty in your fashion choices,” adds Jeylani.

Stick With Lightweight Fabrics

When it’s too hot to wear jeans, stick with lightweight fabrics like cotton, satin, and linen. “Keep it light!” Jeylani shares. “I’ve learned to embrace lightweight and breathable fabrics. This helps you stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.”

Opt for Lighter Colors

Lighter colors not only look good in the summer months, but they also won’t make you feel overheated. “Stick to lighter colors,” shares Yar. “Because modest dressing consists of wearing a bit more fabric, keep it light as it will not absorb the heat as much as deep tones.”

Rock Chunky Sandals

Chunky sandals are always a good choice and can raise the bar on any modest summer outfit. “I never underestimate the power of footwear,” says Jeylani. “Comfortable yet stylish sandals can complete a modest summer ensemble, allowing me to confidently navigate any occasion while staying true to my modest fashion choices.”

Choose Long and Flowy Skirts

A long and flowy skirt will make you feel light and airy, and they’re so easy to style during the summer. “I love opting for lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as flowy maxi dresses and skirts made from delicate materials like linen or cotton,” mentions Jeylani. “These pieces make me feel comfortable in the heat while still looking fashionable.”

Try Airy Dresses

Find dresses that aren’t form-fitting and have an airy feel. “I always opt for a good flowy dress and wide-leg pants with breathable fabrics for a stylish and modest summer wardrobe,” says Jeylani.

Relax in Roomy Matching Sets

When you’re relaxing at home and want to unwind, go for a roomy matching set, and have fun with it! “Try new things,” shares Yar. “Especially with modest fashion, it’s so easy to get stuck in the same styles and colors. Try something new. You never know how much you’ll love it.”

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