Best pickleball paddles, equipment and outfits for all in 2022

In a pickle when it comes to what trendy new activity to pick up for fall 2022?

No sweat, as we’ve found that pickleball is the newest and hottest sport to try, causing quite the racket all over social media and beyond.

The sport, similar to tennis, badminton or an enlarged version on ping pong, is reaching extreme popularity this summer and into fall. It’s played on a court similar to tennis, with a lower net and a smaller court. Instead of rackets and tennis balls, trade those in for a flat paddle and a plastic, wiffle ball and you have a game, pending a partner.

According to the official USA Pickleball site, the sport started in Seattle, Washington in 1965, adorably by a group of dads trying to entertain their kids in the summertime.

Well, mission accomplished guys, as now the sport is super popular amongst dads and the Gen Z’ers too, proven by trendy paddles, cute outfits and many TikToks explaining the game to the youngest generation of players.

Whether you’ve played it once and fell in love, like in the viral video above, or if you need a great idea for a double date, pickleball is for you, according to TikTok.

You don’t need too much to get started, so we compiled a checklist of the best paddles, carrying cases and outfits to pair with your new pickleball obsession in 2022.

The best pickleball paddles

1. Nettie Paddles, $80

A red, yellow and blue pickleball paddle

Grab your paddle and find a net! Nettie sells trendy and sleek paddles and other pickleball accessories that will stand out on the court. They are a fun, women-owned company with the love of the sport at the heart of their collections.

2. Recess Pickleball Paddle, $86

Two patterned pickleball paddles
Recess Pickleball

The best part of any day is recess. Get outside and play some pickleball with these paddles by Recess Pickleball. They feature fun and exciting patterns, with options for adults and kids to get the whole family in on the fun.

3. Orca Paddle Co. Pickleball Paddles, $24

A set of two brown wood pickleball paddles and four yellow balls

Grab a partner and then check out this pair of paddles. These are from Amazon, and the set is super affordable with two paddles and four balls for $24.

4. Monarch Pickleball Pack, $35

Two black and green pickleball paddles and two yellow balls
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Get this pickleball pack and then all you’ll need is a partner and a court to get going. The set is sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and comes with two paddles, two balls and two straps.

5. NewFit Sports Blur Pickleball Paddles, $80

A set of a pink and a blue pickleball paddle and covers

Are you team pink or team blue? This is a great couples set, coming with two premium paddles and two matching covers to protect them when in your pickleball bag.

6. Good Vibes Vapor Pickleball Paddle by Harrow Sports, $129

A pickleball paddle in white, yellow, red and blue and a yellow ball

Celebrate good vibes and a great game with this fun paddle. Sold at Devereux, this Good Vibes Vapor paddle is made by Harlow Sports, now part of their new line of pickleball apparel.

The best pickleball accessories:

1. Ame & Lulu Women’s Pickleball Tote Bag, $92

A white and gray camp print pickleball bag
J. Crew

Now that you have your paddle from above, get a bag to match. This one from J. Crew is part of their new pickleball collection, with options for a white or a blue tie-dye pattern perfect for summer and into fall.

2. Sporty Pickleball Bag, $189

A navy blue pickleball bag with a monogram on it in white
Mark and Graham

Make sure no one takes your bag with this monogrammed case from Mark and Graham. The sporty bag comes in navy and in white and has the option to monogram the bag for an extra $12.

3. Tangerine Pickleball Paddle Bags, $195

A green and tan pickleball paddle bag
Tangerine Paddles

This one is sweet. This pickleball bag is picked fresh for you from Tangerine Paddle, with options in an array of fun colors for the court.

4. Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs, $26

An array of yellow pickleballs

This may seem obvious, but you’ll need a few of these before you play ball. This is a great pack, as it comes with 40 plastic balls for $26, sold on Amazon now.

5. Wilson Portable Pickleball Net System, $189

A set for pickleball

Bring the game with you, no net needed. This set from Wilson is a great option for those that want to have a pick-up game of pickleball on the fly. The kit comes with all the pieces you need to set up a net, be it on your driveway or on a real court.

6. AUCH 5Pcs Absorb Moisture and Anti-slip Overgrip Grips Tape, $10

Five rackets with colorful tape on the end

Protect your hands and get a grip on your game with this fun tape. This five-pack feature bright, fun colors that also protect your hands and absorb sweat when your game gets heated.

The best pickleball outfits:

1. Halara Everyday Cloudful Air Activity Dress, $45

A woman in a white tennis dress

Play everyday in this comfortable and sporty dress. The outfit comes in a crisp white color as well as in black or a bright lime color to match your pickleball perfectly. Note that there are options for straight sizing as well as extended sizing, from an XS to a 3XL.

2. Devereux Center Court Polo, $64

A man in a blue polo shirt

Rep your new pickleball club, via the new collection at Devereux Threads. We love this select, with an embroidered pickleball logo and a lighting bolt on the breast.

3. On Roger Centre Court Shoe, $190

Two people in white sneakers on a court

Get your game on, and make sure you have the right shoes to do so. You can wear good quality tennis shoes or court shoes for this game, so we love the On brand for just that reason. The Roger comes in both men’s and women’s sizing, making it a one-stop-shop for all your teammates.

4. lululemon Removable Sweatband All-Sport Visor, $38

A white visor

Keep the sweat from your eyes so you can focus on the game with this all-sport visor. The lululemon visor is a great unisex option, made for both men and women who love the game. It comes in three colors and two sizes, with an adjustable back for an even more customized fit.

5. 1st Dibs Pickleball Jewelry, prices vary

Three pickleball paddle necklaces in gold, silver and rose gold
1st Dibs

Okay, so you don’t really need this for the game, but we think this could be your good luck charm for each match. Shop the new pickleball collection at 1st Dibs for a beautiful paddle and pearl ball necklace, a matching bracelet with a diamond or this sterling silver paddle and ball necklace.

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