Bollywood actor Karishma Raj Soni collaborates with Dubai-based serial entrepreneur Rohit Sharma to launch new makeup line Veintiunabelleza

DUBAI, UAE, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bollywood actor Karishma Raj Soni and Dubai-based serial entrepreneur Rohit Sharma have announced their plans to launch an exquisite range of cosmetic products under the company Veintiunabelleza, which will specifically cater to the UAE and Middle East markets.

Combining Karishma’s knowledge of the latest trends in beauty and fashion with Sharma’s proven business acumen and corporate experience, the collaboration aims to introduce a distinctive makeup brand to the market that has not been introduced before and the products have been formulated according to the highest global standards in quality and safety.

Growing up in a family with deep ties to Bollywood cinema, Karishma possesses a unique love for the arts and has developed intrinsic creativity that she wishes to translate into her first makeup brand.

Helping her bring this artistic vision to life is Sharma, a veteran serial entrepreneur who calls Dubai his home and holds a diverse portfolio of businesses in various countries.

“Our aim is to cater to the unique needs of the UAE’s local community, while keeping in mind their religious beliefs and cultural traditions. We hope that our products will have a place in their hearts,” said Karishma, who has the full support of her brother Prem Raj Soni, the director behind the movie ‘Main aurr Mrs Khanna’, which starred Salman Khan in a leading role.

“The products we plan to launch are extremely exclusive and not yet available in the market, even with major brands,” said Sharma, who is diversifying into the cosmetic industry for the first time, following a series of successful business ventures.

Offering top-notch quality products for both women and men, the upcoming makeup line is designed to give everyone an unrivalled and memorable beauty experience.

The business partners hope to bring the products to the market in the second quarter of 2023 and reveal the faces of the brand that will represent a young generation of consumers from all over the world.

Building on Sharma’s extensive business network, the products will be initially available online through various platforms and will be distributed across the UAE and worldwide through his Dubai-based operations partners, Anand and Gayatri Jeswani.

More details will be released before the launch date.

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