Brilliant craft storage ideas to keep all your supplies tidy in style

brighten any craft room with these simple storage hacks

Craft storage ideas to keep your supplies tidyKatarzynaBialasiewicz – Getty Images

It’s a dilemma many craft lovers will be familiar with — where and how to store all your yarn, fabric, sewing kit, paper and tools.

Crafting is such a fun hobby, but you can certainly build up quite a lot of equipment! Which comes with the challenge of knowing how and where to store it all.

Well, look no further: we’ve rounded up the best and most brilliant craft storage ideas to keep your crafting space tidy without compromising on style. And best of all, the solutions below can all be sorted on a budget. Start your new year feeling organised!

Keep ribbon tidy with this nifty box

don't let your ribbon run away from you with these storage box hack

Don’t let your ribbon run away from you with these storage box hacktwomeows – Getty Images

Storage boxes are available for just a couple of pounds from your favourite homeware or bargain store — and they’re about to get a very clever new use.

If your ribbon is prone to run away from you, why not tidy it into one of these boxes, and allow the tail to poke through a hole in the box’s side. This way, the box will double as a storage unit and ribbon dispenser. Let your present wrapping woes be over!

Time to shelf your yarn

brighten your wall space and stay organised with yarn shelves

Brighten your wall space and stay organised with yarn shelvesFluxFactory – Getty Images

If you’re a crafter who loves knitting or crochet, you’ll know the struggle of having balls of yarn of all sizes leftover from projects with nowhere to live. Well, who said a library should only be for books? It’s time to make your own yarn library by stacking your yarn on a series of shelves.

Go one step further by organising your yarn within each shelf. We particularly like ordering the shelves by colour — not only is it an easy way to see exactly how much of each colour you have, but it also looks beautiful in your craft room.

Light up your craft room with jar storage

use old jam and candle jars to store your craft supples

You can use old jam and candle jars to store your craft bits and bobsRhys Hayward – Getty Images

Wondering what to do with all the glass jars of used scented candles you’ve accumulated over the winter? Why not turn them into handy jars for storing beads, buttons and other small crafting supplies.

To clean your candle jar, pour boiling water up to the top of the jar. The water with melt the wax and it will float to the top. Let the water cool, then pour it down the sink, taking the remainder of the candle wax with it.

Now you have clean jars in which to keep any small crafting supplies, like spare zips, buttons, clips and beads, with easy access.

Create a beautiful storage wall

pegboards are a clever way to store all your craft supplies in one place

Pegboards are a clever way to store all your craft supplies in one placeMirageC – Getty Images

Make the most of every nook and cranny of your crafting space by using walls as storage opportunities, too. Pegboards are all over social media at the moment as a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to store your crafting supplies.

Once you’ve attached your pegboard to the wall, install hooks, plastic tubs, pen pots, shelves and lights — whatever works best for you and your crafting space. And the best thing is, if you find a particular storage unit isn’t working, just remove it from the wall and swap it for something else!

Transform an unused wardrobe

white wardrobe with open doors in interior 3d render

Use empty wardrobe space to store your favourite craft suppliesdmitriymoroz – Getty Images

Who said wardrobes were only for clothes? If you have a spare cupboard in your bedroom, now is the time to transform it into a super sleek craft storage area.

Hang ribbon from the rails, fill the drawers with dressmaking fabric, or tuck away all your bits and pieces on the shelves. Then shut the wardrobe door and have the room back to yourself, until it’s time for your next craft project.

Give your kitchen roll holder a new lease of life

never lose the end of your ribbon again with a handy dispenser

Never lose the end of your ribbon again with a handy dispenserNatalia Gdovskaia / EyeEm – Getty Images

We’ve all got one in our kitchen — but who knew that kitchen roll holders;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>kitchen roll holders were so useful for craft storage, too?

Why not repurpose your old kitchen roll holder as a ribbon or yarn dispenser, or even for Sellotape? And pop it on your craft table for easy access. You’ll never lose the end of your roll again.

Keep fabric in a filing cabinet

store all your fabric neatly with this simple filing cabinet hack

Store all your fabric neatly with this simple filing cabinet hackVictoria Chizhevskaya / EyeEm – Getty Images

Brighten up the drawers of your desk by making them a catalogue of all your favourite fabrics.

You can even add file dividers to mark what the fabrics are — and storing them vertically like this means you’ll never lose track of what you have in your supply. Plus, it means that your fabrics will stay neatly folded, ready for your next sewing or dress making project.

Craft room inspiration

Crafters across the world have taken to social media to share their beautiful crafting spaces and the creative storage solutions in them.

This is Tisa shared a video of her craft room, complete with rainbow painted doors and blingy Cricut projects, with shelves around the walls.

Made for Maddie filmed a tour of her craft room and shared it to TikTok. The room-of-dreams includes tufting guns mounted onto the wall and multiple work stations.

Wanderlust Fashion showed off her craft room, with everything in matching dusky pink and beige tones – complete with gorgeous velvet scalloped chair.

Do you have a beautifully organised craft room? Share it with us by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram!

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