Danielle Hawkins Shares Style Tips From West Chester

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West Chester native Danielle Hawkins shares her fashion advice, favorite accessory and unexpected source of inspiration.

Her Style: Classic/preppy.

Her Fashion Roots: My mother was a seamstress and introduced me to fashion at an early age. She emphasized the art of fashion and encouraged me to select colors that complement my skin tone and hair color. She also was gifted in her ability to put together an outfit and accessorize. My knowledge and appreciation for fashion are rooted in my experiences with her.

Indispensable Wardrobe Item: A blazer. It can dress up any outfit.

Her Favorite Designer Labels: Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew.

Fashion Icon: Princess Diana. She had a classic style.

Her Source for Unexpected Fashion Ideas: As assistant human resources director for the Chester County Intermediate Unit, I occasionally notice the denim trends of the students—plus, I have four children. At first, I think, “That looks great on them, but I probably wouldn’t wear that.” In a few weeks, I find myself buying that same cut or style.

Best Fashion Buy Ever: A Burberry purse. I take it on date nights, to work and to formal events.

Danielle Hawkins. Photo by Tessa Marie Images

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