Dior Maison Looks to the Outdoors with Sam Baron

Dior Maison has enlisted the skills of French designer Sam Baron to create a collection of outdoor furniture, which features shapes and silhouettes based on the iconic Medallion chair.

The Dior Maison Outdoor Collection encompasses a chair and armchair, and two tables – one with a round top and the second with a square top. Each has been crafted from green metal, and manufactured in France, “in keeping to exceptional savoir-faire”, says Dior.

The oval shapes seen across the chairs echo that of the classic Medallion chair, which became a symbol of the Louis XVI style, and was a piece adopted by Christian Dior for seating guests at his fashion shows. For the outdoor chairs, these oval shapes have been filled with latticework metal, which appears on the table’s surfaces too. “These true objects of desire – and emblems of excellence,” Dior adds.

The pieces were previewed at this year’s Milan Design Week when Dior hosted a huge exhibition alongside designer Philippe Starck, who too had reimagined the Medallion chair to create a “Miss Dior” version. To mark its launch, the collection is now being presented inside The Pâtisserie at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, as well as other Dior cafés around the world.

In other design news, Nendo has created a snaking tunnel in a woodland of red pine trees, which serves as a guesthouse and an archive for displaying furniture and artwork.

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