I’m a make-up fan & tested some of Primark beauty products – here are the ones to bag & the ones to give a miss

A MAKE-UP enthusiast has revealed which Primark beauty products to bag and the ones to better leave at the store.

With its affordable prices, Primark has long been a favourite for many bargain-hunting fashionistas and beauty lovers.

Khalid shared his thoughts in a video on TikTok, where it's gone viral


Khalid shared his thoughts in a video on TikTok, where it’s gone viralCredit: tiktok/@makeupbykhalid2
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The lip products, though affordable, were not amongst the winnersCredit: tiktok/@makeupbykhalid2

Full of dupes for high-end cult favourites, such as its copy for the iconic Hoola bronzer, the store is definitely not the one to sleep on.

One person to give Primark’s beauty range a go has been the make-up fan, Khalid, who regularly shares stunning transformation videos on his social media page.

After going viral sharing his thoughts on make-up by Poundland, he was back at it again – this time, doing a full face of Primark beauty products.

Armed with a pack full of goodies, Khalid was ready to put the items to test.

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”So I went on an adventure to Primark today and I spent £33, so let’s get into it.”

First up on the list was Brow Sketch pencil in the shade Dark Brown, which he used to give his brows ”a little bit of structure”.

”I mean, I feel like it’s not the worst brow pencil I’ve ever used.

”The only things I could say is that it’s a little bit dry and the pencil’s a little bit thick – so that makes it a little bit harder to create them fake brow hairs.”

Sharing his review, Khalid also pointed out that the pencil also came with a spoolie – which is always a plus.

Next up in the viral video were two different concealers, both of which cost him just 90p.

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The My Perfect Colour Concealer stick, which comes in five different shades, wasn’t a massive hit in Khalid’s eyes.

”I probably would only use it for like covering spots or blemishes.

”I feel like I’ll always prefer this type of concealer – so one that comes with an applicator.

”Moving onto eyeshadow, I got the Exposed eyeshadow palette.”

The palette, which retails for a fiver, was full of every day nudes and warmer tones – perfect for a more natural look.

”I feel like the eyeshadows are actually quite pigmented,” the make-up enthusiast seemed pleasantly surprised.

However, things took a sharp turn when Khalid decided to put the £1 Amplified mascara to test.

”I can barely see a difference,” he noted after applying the product.

”And that’s two layers of it…”

To make up for the major mascara fail, Khalid then stacked up two pairs of falsies – and these were definitely amongst the winners.

”I actually quite like the lashes. I feel like for this type of look they go quite well.

”I just don’t like the eyelash glue – I will literally just pull and it just comes straight off.

”This one still isn’t dry in three minutes,” he pointed out.

Once the eye look was completed, Khalid moved onto his skin, and started off the process with Perfect Finish foundation in the shade Chai.

Blending the product in, he said the £2.50 foundation was ”quite a good shade match”.

”I think it looks okay… I just think it’s just not as full coverage as I would like it.

”It was a little difficult to blend out as well.”

Although the darker shade of foundation he used for contour was a bit of letdown due to the lack of shades, things took a positive turn with My Perfect Colour Pressed Powder in the shade Cool Sand (£2).

”I like this powder. I feel like it blurs the undereyes out. Yeah, I’m really happy with that.”

After finishing the look with a bright pink blush and some shimmer eyeshadow for highlighter, Khalid was not particularly impressed.

”The blusher hasn’t even managed to save it. I’m trying so hard to make it work.

”I’m not liking the skin.”

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The lip products – the lip liner, Matte Nude lipstick and lip gloss in pink – did not manage to save the situation either.

”The eyes are a yes. The undereye powder is a yes. But the rest of it is not for me.”

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The eye make-up products were a winner in his opinionCredit: tiktok/@makeupbykhalid2
According to Khalid, you might want to give the blush a miss


According to Khalid, you might want to give the blush a missCredit: tiktok/@makeupbykhalid2
The finished make-up look using full face of Primark beauty


The finished make-up look using full face of Primark beautyCredit: tiktok/@makeupbykhalid2

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