I’m plus-size – I showed how I get ready for the gym, including my makeup routine, and people say it’s ‘inspiring’

A YOUNG plus-size woman’s honest portrayal of her gym preparations has led fans to call her an “inspiration.”

In her post, she proved how dedicated she was in pursuit of her health and fitness goals and was certainly no fair-weather gym goer.

TikToker d.fayou has inspired many of her followers with her body confidence


TikToker d.fayou has inspired many of her followers with her body confidenceCredit: TikTok/d.fayou

French Canadian d.fayou’s (tiktok.com/@d.fayou”>@d.fayou) posts have delighted her 256,000 followers.

She regularly comes across as joyous as she dances and shares her different food recipes on her platform, alongside her fitness journey.

In a recent post, she showed viewers her preparation for a session at the gym.

This involved getting dressed, applying moisturizer, fixing her hair, and adding a touch of mascara and lipstick.

However, she showed particular dedication to this trip to the gym because it involved trekking through snow, but she seemed unbothered.

Once there she got on the treadmill and did her thing.

In her quiet way, d.fayou has inspired other plus-size women among her followers to have some self-belief and get fit too.

“Focus on yourself and surround yourself with people who uplift you – not those who tear your down,” she said.

Her post has had over 94,000 likes and nearly a thousand comments, and an awful lot of love and respect.

Commenters ran out of superlatives, but there was admiration all around.

Even snow wouldn't keep her away from the gym


Even snow wouldn’t keep her away from the gymCredit: TikTok/d.fayou

“Self-motivation is the best motivation. I love how strong-minded you are and that’s a beautiful trait to have and shows self-love,” said this fan.

“Perfume, lip color, and mascara for the gym? Love it,” was the impressed reaction of this follower.

Kudos to her for her determination: “Girl you walked through the snow and I won’t even walk downstairs. You are inspiring.”

Gratitude from one viewer: “Thank you so much. You gave me the strength to go to the gym. I was so anxious.”

Finally, this comment was typical of hundreds of a similar vein: “Keep it up. You are a great inspiration.”

Her fans loved her honesty.


Her fans loved her honesty.Credit: TikTok/d.fayou

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