Johnny Depp inks 7-figure deal with Dior as unsealed court documents cause a stir

Johnny Depp Dior
Actor Johnny Depp at the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande. Pic credit: © Koffel

Johnny Depp has reportedly signed a multi-year, lucrative contract with Dior as the actor continues his comeback tour.

However, the unsealed documents from the defamation trial between the actor and his ex-wife Amber Heard have caused quite a stir on social media.

During the six-week trial earlier this year,  Depp fans claimed Dior was one of the few brands that did not distance themselves from the actor.

The former Pirates of the Caribbean star is the face of their Sauvage fragrance for men, and the fashion house reportedly enjoyed an uptick in sales during the trial.

Depp largely won the defamation trial with the jury coming back with all three counts in his favor, with one going to Heard.

The unsealed document reveals the former couple’s messy allegations against each other, unearthing more text messages and photos.

Dior shares support for Johnny Depp after Sauvage deal

Johnny Depp has reportedly signed a multi-year, seven-figure contract with Dior.

Some reports claim that the actor will earn $1 million for continuing as the face of Sauvage fragrance for men.

Dior posted a series of Instagram posts to announce the deal, one of which showed Depp on stage in Paris, where he performed with Jeff Beck.

“Watch @johnnydepp as he takes the stage at @olympiahall in Paris, the legendary concert venue where he saw @vanessa.paradis and introduced his kids to @bobdylan. Like Sauvage, it represents the idea of something fearless yet human. By: @gregwilliamsphotography,” the caption reads.

Another Instagram post quotes Depp’s love for the fragrance and the “sense of memory” the smell gives him, along with backstage photos of the actor.

A third post features Depp posing with a guitar before performing on stage.

Despite Depp fans praising the brand for their loyalty to the actor. According to TMZ, the Sauvage commercial featuring the actor stopped airing on TV after Amber Heard initially made accusations of domestic abuse.

Johnny first signed with Dior in 2015, and the brand publicly showing support for the actor following the release of the unsealed documents is a sign of their ongoing relationship.

Johnny Deep and Amber Heard’s shocking unsealed docs divide fans

Thousands of pages of documents filed in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case were unsealed at the beginning of the month.

It reveals that Heard’s team attempted to bring up text messages between the actor and Marilyn Manson, while Depp’s team attempted to bring in Heard’s alleged past as an exotic dancer into evidence.

A lawyer named Andrea Burkhart called Amber Heard’s abuse claims a “hoax” and raised money to obtain the unsealed court filings.

The effort may have backfired on Depp supporters who contributed as the docs shed light on evidence both parties were not allowed to present at trial.

Some have argued that the unsealed docs have hurt Depp’s public image. The evidence rejected by the judge includes Manson’s text, Depp’s team submitting nudes, and Heard reportedly walking away from millions in the divorce settlement.

A pro-Amber Heard account shared the numerous headlines spawned from the unsealed docs.

Several celebrities have allegedly ‘unliked’ Instagram posts from Depp following the release of the documents.

A pro-Depp social media page offered a rebuttal to the claims as the drama continues between Depp and Heard.

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