Kate Moss’s daughter Lila poses for glam fashion shoot but everyone’s saying the same thing

KATE Moss’s daughter Lila has been spotted posing in a very glamorous photo shoot on her social media.

The model – who is already following in the footsteps of mum Kate, 48 – left fans baffled with one very unique style choice in the snap.

Kate Moss's daughter Lila had fans seriously confused with her latest Instagram upload


Kate Moss’s daughter Lila had fans seriously confused with her latest Instagram uploadCredit: Getty
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Fans couldn’t believe Lila’s toenails in the snapCredit: Instagram

Lila, 19, took to Instagram to show off her latest modelling shoot, which showed her biting into cherries as she looked into the camera.

The high-fashion shoot saw Lila tied her hair up in braids wrapped around her head, as she wore a minimalistic, dewy make-up look.

Wearing a black dress with large puff sleeves, the teen completed her look with an unusual fashion choice – leaving fans distracted.

Photographing her feet behind the scenes of the Perfect Magazine shoot, Lila revealed her long, talon-like toenails painted in red.

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Lila wore sparkling heels which showed off her pointed toenails in their full glory – as they extended out over the base of the shoe.

Her Instagram fans were left baffled by the choice, and took to the comments section to ask how sh put her socks on.

“How do you wear socks with those nails?” one confused fan asked, as another said: “Them toes about to cut people, damn.”

A third chimed in: “The nails made me physically sick,” as a fourth joked of their pointed shape: “Imagine getting toed to death.”

“The toenails are a hard no,” a fifth concluded of the snap.

It comes after Kate called her daughter Lila a “prude” and joked that she doesn’t like some of her mum’s outfit choices from the 90s.

Kate –  known for topless shoots and see-through dresses in her heyday — told British Vogue: “They are so prudish nowadays.”

Lila asked her mum if she should wear nipple pasties with a sheer top.

In stark contrast, Kate was snapped aged 19 in 1993 wearing a see-through dress with just a pair of black knickers.

Kate continued: “Never wear a pasty — that’s my advice to the younger generation. They’re all scared to be themselves and I think they should dress as they want.”

Kate admitted Lila had started to raid her wardrobe — but is careful not to borrow her most iconic looks.

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Kate signed Lila to her own model agency aged 16 and she has quickly followed in her footsteps.

Lila previously said Kate tried to put her off following her career before signing her up – warning her she “didn’t recommend it”.

She added: “My mum always put me off. She was always like, ‘If you want to do it, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.’”

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