Mom threatens to scream in the middle of Target over pile of boys’ dinosaur T-shirts

A pile of dinosaur T-shirts sent one mom over the edge while shopping in Target, and parents around the world seem to agree with her feelings.

Taylor Garner (taylor.dannise” data-ylk=”slk:@taylor.dannise” class=”link “>@taylor.dannise) gained over 186,000 views, 22,000 likes, and over 1,800 comments when she uploaded her strongly worded message to TikTok.

While most parents love shopping in Target — like this wife of 12 years who “left” her husband and two kids for her Target addiction — this particular shopping trip was frustrating for Taylor.

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Taylor’s video begins with the text, “If I see one more dinosaur, I’m gonna scream.”

The mom then begins to sort through the selection of boysclothes, pointing out every dinosaur and shark she comes across.

“The boys’ section of every clothing store is going to shark and dinosaur you to death,” she says as she looks over the designs. “I mean, how many variations of a T-Rex do boys need? You don’t think boys wanna wear something else other than dinosaurs and sharks?”

Finally, she comes across an animal she hasn’t seen before: a rhinoceros. But that one unique animal isn’t enough to change her tune. As she writes in the caption of her video, “It’s giving, BORING! Attention stores: 🗣’BOYS CLOTHING SECTIONS NEED AN OVERHAUL!’”

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‘I’ve been saying this for so long!’

TikTok parents completely agreed with Taylor, and voiced their similar frustrations in the comments.

“Sooooo tired of sharks and dinosaurs for my boy!!! Preach!!!” one user wrote.

“I’ve been saying this for so long! Shopping for my sons is a snooze fest and they deserve better options,” commented another user.

“Don’t forget about the things with wheels,” added another user.

To this, Taylor replied, “Wheels and construction stuff. It’s like, ‘God forbid we make stuff that’s a solid color or a different animal!’ 😩”

“I feel this! I want something more plain- maybe a pattern. I just can’t stand all the characters,” commented another user.

“Then when you get up above 5T it starts being just sports stuff or athletic gear 🙄,” one user wrote.

“Don’t even get me started on the lack of boys’ shoes… 🤦🏼‍♀️,” commented one user.

“Also, less unicorns for girls,” added one user.

Hopefully, kids’ clothing designers will hear these parents’ pleas for more varied clothing options!

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