Nicki Minaj Sends The Internet Spiraling In A Pink Wig & Dior Outfit

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Nicki Minaj has looks for days, and she’s been sending stans into sheer chaos every day with her head-turning ensembles.

The “Pink Friday” rapper took to Instagram on August 1 in a banging pink wig and a pink Christian Dior ensemble. Sporting body-hugging shorts and Dior pink sandals, the Grammy-nominated artist topped off the sizzling outfit with fun statement jewelry and her iconic “Barbie” chain.

“I’m a fkng black Barbie. Pretty face. Perfect body. Pink seats in the rari. Always fuk him like I’m sorry,” the star wrote in the caption, referencing a line from her “Black Barbies” freestyle.

The New York native followed up her initial post with two more angles of her sexy ensemble. In one video, the “Starships” hitmaker jiggled her derriere around as she rocked a pink velvet visor hat.

In the comment section, the Barbz showered the rapper with praise. “ISSA BARBIE WORLD,” wrote one fan. While California rap star Maliibu Miitch chimed in: “U one fine ass MF.”

Nicki was definitely transporting fans back into her Pink Friday days with that prestine pink wig!

Nicki Minaj is a trendsetter

While some fans may be new to Ms. Minaj’s penchant for high fashion couture, the hip-hop star has undeniably influenced the fashion world ever since she broke onto the rap scene in the late 2000s. Nicki undoubtedly set the trend for many looks we see the rap girls donning today, from Chinese bangs and pink hair to fun, whimsical outfits. During an interview with Joe Budden in March, the mother of one called out high fashion publications like Vogue for failing to honor artists like herself, who have made historic strides in the fashion world.

“Everybody knew me for wearing pink wigs. You would think the biggest female rapper of all time, who has set so many trends, would have been on the cover of American Vogue, but she hasn’t,” the “Monster” artist said, referring to herself. Minaj criticized the media for praising white artists known to set hair and fashion trends like Katy Perry and Billie Eilish. According to Minaj, she felt as though Vogue snubbed her when they “immediately” put Eilish on American Vogue donning green hair in 2020. According to the star’s story, in the past, she was asked by major magazine publications not to wear her signature pink hair.

“They would always ask me not to wear pink hair. But I would see Katy Perry on the cover with pink hair, and I would see Lady Gaga on the cover with pink hair. I came in the game wearing pink hair,” she argued before giving a nod to Lil Kim, another fashion titan in the music industry. “The same way I feel that I should already have been on the cover of American Vogue, so should Lil Kim – if we’re being all the way one thousand… When any female rapper – myself or Lil Kim – goes on the internet, every day, we see our influence.”

Nicki Minaj ended her fiery speech, noting how it was important for significant fashion mags like Vogue to fight back against the erasure of Black women’s contributions across fashion, music, and history. “This is why you have to mention it, y’all… It’s because when we don’t mention it, we are erased from those things. They act like it didn’t happen. And therefore they can continue to minimize our influence,” she added.

Watch her full interview with Joe Budden down below. What do you think? Does Nicki have a point?



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