Meet The Black-Owned Label Reshaping The Luxury Bag

Meet The Black-Owned Label Reshaping The Luxury Bag

Black people invented luxury, let’s be honest.

And as an industry estimated to be worth 297 billion by 2026, it’s no surprise that Black entrepreneurs are continuing to make their mark on the luxury market, proving once and for all we’re here to stay. Continuing that trend is Archyn Orijin, Founder and Executive Creative Director of the eponymous brand that sells handbags and accessories. 

At the intersection of culture, travel, and design, ORIJIN CULTURE is creating signature pieces that carry the culture — and the continent — everywhere they go. 

And already, his Africa purses are everywhere, after going viral for their powerful design representing the diaspora and the global influence of Black culture. 

But Archyn didn’t start the business for the money. Rather, it honors his personal and ancestral background. He was inspired to design the bag after having a dream of a woman wearing Africa on her back while walking boldly through a sea of people who parted as she passed through. From this dream, Archyn began a five-year iterative process working with a skilled team of artisans.

The result? A stunning piece of wearable art made from premium materials for optimal durability and versatility. 

Meet The Black-Owned Label Reshaping The Luxury Bag

For ESSENCE, Archyn discusses the inspiration behind Orijin Culture, how activism has fueled his creativity, and why we should all keep the continent close to our hearts.

How did you get started in accessory design?

You know how they say “no matter what you do, what God has gifted you comes back full circle? Or like my Caribbean friends would say ”Who Jah bless no man curse”? I think my story is a testament to that because one would assume that I went to an art or fashion school to pursue accessory design, but I did not. I am a

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