Follow these fashion tips to look good on a budget

Follow these fashion tips to look good on a budget

Apr 18, 2023, 10:17 am
3 min read

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Never combine more than three colors in any outfit to avoid a fashion disaster

We all want to look fashionable but budgetary constraints often kill our dreams when we think of investing in the right outfits.

However, you can still look chic if you know how to carry the outfits the right way.

Rachel J Amirtharaj, celebrity fashion designer, and founder of La Fantaisie shares some budget-friendly fashion tips that’ll make you stand out without breaking the bank.

Ditch glam and bling and embrace simple looks to shine among the crowd and look classy, elegant, and stylish.

Wearing blingy outfits can make it seem as though you are craving attention while simple and elegant ensembles are not only affordable but also look sober and chic.

Keep it classic with a dress in a soft white tone to look fashionable on a budget.

Go for a monochromatic look

Unlike patterns, monochromatic looks can make you look super-stylish and well-groomed.

It creates a seamless line from head to toe and also makes you appear slimmer and taller.

If you have black colored trousers or jeans, pair them with the same colored top for a classy and trendy look.

To enhance the look, wear a gold-tone layered neck chain and dark sunglasses.

One of the most magical accessories in your wardrobe, a belt can change your overall semblance and make you look fashionable and elegant in a jiffy without the need to spend any extra money.

You can wear a classic tan or black belt with trousers, skirts, or dresses to add

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A few fashion tips for ladies with hourglass-shaped body

A few fashion tips for ladies with hourglass-shaped body

Sep 01, 2022, 01:05 am
3 min read

A few fashion tips for ladies with hourglass-shaped body
These fashion tips can accentuate the curves of hourglass-shaped bodies.

Counted among the most attractive body types, hourglass shape bodies are considered one of the four traditional female body shapes in the fashion industry.

An hourglass figure is characterized by equal-sized hips and busts, and a well-defined waist narrower than both.

The legs and upper body are somewhat proportionate in this body shape.

Here are some fashion tips for ladies with an hourglass-shaped body.

Choose the correct neckline

If you have an hourglass-shaped body with a wide chest, go for necklines that create a curve or an angle.

V-necks work great for making your bust smaller and the sharp angle draws attention downward toward your waist.

You can also opt for a boatneck or scoop neck top to show off your collarbone area.

Avoid high-neck tops that make your chest look larger.

Invest in high-waist jeans or trousers; use belts

High-waist jeans or trousers should be the staple pieces of clothing in your wardrobe if you have an hourglass-shaped body.

You can go for high-waist bell bottom jeans to give proportion to your lower half. You can also choose baggy high-waist jeans to highlight your waist.

Also, wear a nice belt clinched over your waist’s smallest part to add extra emphasis to your waist.

Skater and bodycon dresses should be included

A skater dress is one of the best outfits to add an elegant touch to your figure.

These dresses fit like a t-shirt on the top, are fitted at the waist, and then flare out beautifully at the hips. Flowy dresses with a nice belt also work well.

Bodycon dresses are also a great choice for hourglass-body shapes as they

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Here are some fashion tips for ladies who are short

Here are some fashion tips for ladies who are short

Aug 30, 2022, 10:58 am
2 min read

Here are some fashion tips for ladies who are short
These fashion tips will make short girls feel more confident.

Calling all short beauties!

While buying beautiful dresses is beautiful, selecting the right one that complements your physique can be daunting.

However, say no more! Here are five fashion tips for you ladies who are short, each of which is tailor-made to make you proud of your height.

From footwear to apparel, here’s how you can make the right choices.

Try wearing nude-colored pumps

Avoid wearing bright-colored heels and instead go for nude-colored footwear, especially pumps to create an illusion of longer legs.

Nude pumps also look extremely classy and stylish.

Additionally, nude-colored footwear is not visually distracting and blends with your original skin color, making you look taller.

Avoid wearing ankle straps as they create horizontal lines on the ankle.

While horizontal stripes make you look heavy and wide, vertical stripes make you look slim and taller by tricking the viewer’s eyes.

These stripes elongate your figure and maximize your height.

However, avoid thick stripes and go for thin ones as they are hard to focus on.

You can buy jackets, trousers, t-shirts, jumpsuits, and shirts that have vertical stripes.

Avoid tees and singlets with higher necks and go for deeper necklines like a shirt unbuttoned a little lower than usual or a v-neck top or dress.

Deeper necklines elongate your frame and make you look taller as they create an illusion of length.

You can even pair a lower neck top with a midi skirt or jeans.

Maxi and wrap dresses are your best friend

If you are short and petite, then avoid wearing shirt dresses that can swallow you up and make you look shorter.

Instead, go for

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