Winterize your lehenga with these fashion tips

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As temperatures fall, the quest to keep traditional attire both fashionable and cozy intensifies.

Lehengas, a beloved festive essential, can still grace winter festivities with style.

This guide will show you how to adapt these exquisite skirts for the cold months.

Learn to maintain elegance and cultural authenticity in your lehenga while ensuring it’s suitable for the winter season’s demands.

Embrace layering elegance

The lehenga, hailing from the Indian subcontinent, is a traditional outfit comprising a long skirt, a blouse known as a choli, and a scarf termed a dupatta.

It’s the attire of choice for weddings and various festivals.

While its customary lightweight fabrics are ideal for warmer climates, they fall short in providing warmth during the chillier winter season.

Stylish warmth with fabrics

The fabric choice is key when winterizing your lehenga.

Select velvet or brocade fabrics for their natural warmth.

For those with lighter lehengas, layering is a smart option.

Wrap up in a pashmina shawl or slip on thermal leggings beneath your skirt.

This approach keeps you warm while preserving the traditional look of your festive attire without any compromise on style.

Modern twists to traditional wear

Enhance your lehenga for winter with full-sleeve blouses or high-neck tops made from warm fabrics like silk or wool blends.

These additions preserve elegance and provide warmth.

For a distinctive style, pair your lehenga skirt with a turtleneck sweater.

This modern twist on traditional attire ensures you stay warm while adding a unique flair to your festive look.

Accessorize smartly for warmth

Accessories serve a dual purpose; they are not only for adornment but also provide warmth.

Consider the elegance of embroidered woolen shawls cascading over your shoulders, or stylish, ornate

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