Stay Warm This Fall and Winter by Layering Clothes Like a Pro

The cozy season is here! As you start planning which throw blankets to incorporate into your seasonal décor and which fall activities you’ll put on your autumn bucket list, there’s another thing to consider: how to stay warm during the cooler seasons.

Since the goal is to stay as toasty as possible, you might be tempted to throw on as many layers as you can and call it a day. That’s one way to do it—but usually the outcome leaves you looking and feeling awkward and bulky. Well, what if we told you there’s a way to bundle up this winter without sacrificing comfort and style? The secret lies in layering your clothes in a cute and flattering way! We love this option because it offers the chance to play around with all of the fun outerwear pieces in your closet. Think: cute sweaters for fall” class=”link “cute sweaters for fall, cozy coats for women, scarves, cardigans, and even overalls!

Now, when choosing your look, you’ll want to carefully pick which items to layer on to make sure your outfit is both functional and fashionable. In most cases, go with this simple formula: base layer + mid-layer + outer layer. Your base layer should be a form-fitting and temperature-regulating item such as a basic tee or long-sleeved top. The mid-layer should be thicker but non-restrictive. Finally, the outer layer should be a heavier piece that compliments your first two layers and brings the outfit together. You can even add accessories like fall hats! Of course, you can always add even more layers if the day gets colder.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, fabrics, patterns, and lengths! Ahead, check out these cute ideas that you can easily incorporate into your winter wardrobe so

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