Alina Shaketova’s Brows and Lips is a one-stop destination offering permanent makeup for women – News

By Deepak Jain

It is an undeniable fact that everyone wants to look their best on every occasion. And it has become more important than ever for people to ensure that they look representable. For the same, makeup is of primary importance, and more than that, it is crucial to find a suitable artist who can create wonders with their makeup skills. Brows & Lips is one of the leading names, offering permanent makeup procedures. Alina Shaketova is the name behind the makeup studio, and she is a multi-certified paramedical PMU artist with a specialisation in signature lips and powder brows.

Helping people achieve the desired results, Shaketova is giving a new shape and structure to people’s skin. The permanent makeup studio is located in Dubai, offering a variety of services like micro-blading, nano-blading, micro-shading, ombre brows, powder brows and lip blush. The best technique by them is micro-blading. It is a tattooing technique, which corrects the shape and colour of the eyebrows. In this method, a special hand tool is used to make small incisions and implant the pigment.

However, Shaketova reveals that micro-blading can enhance beauty. “Those having thin and sparse brows can get terrific results. We have treated many people suffering from alopecia by offering life-changing results”, she said. In addition, Shaketova stated that the colour in the process of micro-blading lasts for six to 24 months, depending on an individual’s body characteristics. She suggests getting a topup session done every year, which can help in maintaining ever-lasting results.

At the makeup studio, Shaketova’s team also offers the lip blush technique. Similar to eyebrow micro-blading, lip blush involves a permanent lip tattoo for getting rosy

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