Stylist’s picks of rings and bracelets

Picking presents can be hard. And unless you have a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what they want – whether it’s borderline rude or a stroke of genius is still up for debate – knowing where to start is near impossible. Books, beauty and bathtime goodies are all a regular go-to, but what about when you’re after something with a bit more of a personal touch?

Let us introduce you to birthstone jewellery, an easy way to give a gorgeous gift with that added thoughtful element, and one of this summer’s biggest jewellery trends.

Similar to zodiac signs, birthstones – as the name suggests – relate to the month people are born, with twelve precious and semi-precious stones making up the list. Although the origin of the birthstone list is still up for debate, with multiple variations all attributing different gems to each month, which can make it a little bit tricky to know where to start. 

We’ve gone for the most universally accepted versions we could find, curating a list of rings, bracelets, necklaces and more to suit every style and budget. But, be warned, not every birthstone is made equally, and you’ll soon find out why we’re wanting to fudge our birth certs to being born in April, July or September.

Of course, birthstone jewellery isn’t just made for you to give away either, for who better to gift than yourself, after all? Or take inspiration and pop it on your own birthday list, rather than be left with socks, for that’s certainly what we plan to do. 

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