Fashion expert shares 3 tips to boost your style confidence

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TikToker shares fashion advice.
Pic credit: @atyasmeengarcia/TikTok

Anyone who cares about fashion should be made aware of the best style tips out there.

When it comes to boosting your confidence, your style is a great place to start.

Knowing how to dress and feeling comfortable in your clothing is a fabulous way to amplify your levels of self-love.

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Fashion expert and TikToker @AtYasmeenGarcia posted a video breaking down three crucial tips.

Her fashion advice is a game-changer for people looking to feel better about their outward appearance.

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Here’s what Yasmeen wants the world to know about fashion and its impact on your inner confidence.

How to be more confident about your style

Yasmeen‘s first tip is to learn how to dress for your body type. She believes it’s important for people to start loving and accepting their body weights, sizes, and shapes before all else.

Once you know how to dress for your body type, it’s easy to start filling your wardrobe with the right staples.

The most common body types include the inverted triangle, the pear shape, the apple shape, and the hourglass shape.

Whether you currently have your desired body type or not, dressing in a way that caters to your specific shape is a great step in the right direction for your confidence.

yasmeen“Other style and confidence tips from Yasmeen

Next, Yasmeen believes it’s vital to learn the colors that work best with your skin tone.

When you know the list of colors that pair well with

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Can generative AI like ChatGPT provide valid and practical fashion advice?

Do image consultants have anything to fear from the rise of generative AI? While ChatGPT has countless functions, many could still remain unexplored.

In fact, it turns out that the conversational AI does a pretty good job as a personal shopper, able to generate outfits based on a simple request, an image, a trend, or even a specific body type.

Could it be a revolution in the making?

What to wear with cargo jeans? What outfit to choose for a first date? What are the ideal pants for a woman with hips? What to wear with that pair of shoes you just bought?

No matter what the doubters might say, all these questions can now be answered by the AI chatbot in just a few seconds.

ChatGPT can indeed act as a veritable personal shopper, if not a virtual stylist or assistant, providing fully personalised fashion recommendations in a few clicks.

A feat that could well inspire ready-to-wear brands, and even major luxury labels, who undoubtedly won’t hesitate to use it to their own ends.

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Creating a look from a simple image

Until that happens, users can explore directly for themselves – and for free – all the possibilities of the conversational AI as a virtual stylist. By using an image, for example.

By providing the AI chatbot with a visual showing a pair of sneakers, or a hat, for example, you can ask it to create one or more looks according to your needs and preferences.

In a few clicks, the artificial intelligence provides a very detailed answer.

From a simple picture of black sneakers – a fashion classic – ChatGPT provides no less than three looks: a first one that’s urban and trendy,

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