Here’s How To Make Money Off of Old Clothes, Jewelry, and Books

Feeling stuck in your 9 to 5, or simply want a way to make extra cash? Selling knick-knacks from your home seems like much more trouble than its worth. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Below, three FIRST readers share how they started up their online businesses to earn extra cash. In fact, these savvy women were so successful that the extra cash has become a form of secondary income. (One earns up to $2,100 per month.) While these hobbies require a time investment, the payback is worth it. Read on to learn the secrets of making money from home off of items in your closet.

For Selling Clothes: This Reader Earns $600 Monthly on Poshmark

“About five years ago, I was looking to change over my wardrobe and purge clothes that no longer suited my style,” says Dani Mackey, 57. “I saw an ad for Poshmark, a social marketplace for new and secondhand items, and I decided to give it a try. I listed items I knew I wouldn’t miss, and when they sold, I was thrilled. I realized it could be an easy way to make cash.

“I signed up and came up with a creative name for my closet (@fancyflea). I then played around with different ways to take pictures of the items so they would look appealing. After some time, I invested in a mannequin to display the clothes. I wrote the descriptions, included measurements, posted photos, and shared the items in my closet. I also searched the platform and Google to determine the best prices for the items. I sell dresses, jeans, workout clothes, handbags, and shoes, as well as my husband’s clothes and items I find in thrift stores and even in retail stores.

“Today, I have 70,000 followers. I love making

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