Bridal makeup 101: Kiara Advani’s makeup artist reveals how she gets the perfect base

Hugs, kisses, sweets and tears–makeup goes through a lot on the wedding day. And for bridal makeup to last the whole event and the emotions it brings, you need a perfect base. 

“For brides-to-be, the skin definitely needs to be prepped way in advance and taken very good care of to make sure that it feels and looks naturally plush and hydrated. Be it bridal or any other event, the base has to be impeccable, and only then can one do justice to the eye makeup and the rest. My go-to mantra is less is more. Indian brides spend a lot of time in front of the fire, so the makeup should not be a hindrance. It should be as light as possible and totally waterproof as you can’t do touchups in between pheras,” says celebrity makeup artist Lekha Gupta, who created the dreamy bridal makeup looks of actor Kiara Advani this month. 

How deep is your base?

Depending on the skin type, Gupta likes to shift between massages, rollers, icing or sheet masks for prep. And not just on D-day, she suggests that you indulge in these rituals months in advance. On the day, a bit of icing before makeup always helps. Her next important step is a primer, which serves as an additional layer of protection while providing adherence to makeup products. For extremely dry skin, use a hydrating moisturizer or primer. Even oil helps, Gupta’s favourite is the Danessa Myricks beauty oil. For oily skin, you will need mattifying primers and moisturizers. “We also sometimes use a pore filler as a primer to ensure the skin looks velvety smooth, especially for brides who have visible open pores. A lip balm can prep the lips. I don’t always use an eye primer. Instead, I use a nude

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