8 Cute Baby Clothes In Singapore

Cute baby clothes in Singapore

There are a million and one reasons why having a baby is a joyous occasion. Seeing parts of yourself and your partner combined in a tiny human, getting to nurture them as they grow, and celebrating their milestones, big and small – the list goes on. On the more frivolous but nonetheless delightful side, getting to dress them in adorable outfits is a big plus as well.

Baby clothing is cute by default. I mean, the sheer size of their little socks, mittens, and booties are squeal-worthy. If you’re looking to up the ante, whether for a photoshoot, special occasion, or just to max out your baby’s cuteness level while they’re still small, here are 8 cute baby clothes in Singapore for quirky parents to buy.

1. Bubble tea romper with matching shirts for parents & siblings

Bubble Tea Romper Singapore Cute Baby Clothes
Image adapted from: Toddley Thoughts, @toddleythoughts

Singaporeans love bubble tea, so it only makes sense for Singaporean couples to transform their tiny tot into a living, breathing cup of pearl milk tea. As part of an official collaboration with Gong Cha, this collection also includes t-shirts in kid and adult sizes featuring more understated “bubble tee” designs.

Get the Milk Tea Pocket Kid Tee or Milk Tea Pocket Adult Tee for a functional breast pocket designed to look like a cute cup of BBT, complete with a lil straw poking out. The shirts are also available in a taro flavour design.

Fits ages: 0-18 months old

Price: $28

Buy the bubble tea romper on Toddley Thoughts.

2. Fuzzy avocado onesie with leaf hoodie

Avocado Onesie - Cute Baby Clothes
Image credit: Shopee

Avocado motifs have exploded in popularity in recent years, from plushies and stationery to accessories from top to toe. If the whole fam is going for an avocado

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