3 travel tips that will help you make a fashion statement

Brenda Arnett has a thing for fashion and traveling, so she created Zone 31 Boutique so you can go to the airport in style. Arnett has an array of handbags, duffel bags, and jackets that you can buy to stand out from others and make a fashion statement when heading to your favorite destination.

Arnett spoke with rolling out about her inspiration for the brand, why she chose certain styles, and travel and fashion tips for others.

What led you to create these bags and jackets?

I love to travel, and I like to do it in style. I don’t want my bag to match somebody else’s, so I decided to create my own line of travelers. [I like] duffel bags and I like handbags, so I decided to do that, as well. That’s what got me into it, and I love designing.

You use a lot of color and patterns in your designs. Why did you choose that style?

I like being different. I don’t want to blend in. I like vibrant colors; I don’t like dull and Black. I do have a few things that are black and blue, but I prefer color, so that’s what led me to do it. I like the African print and soft fabric as well.

What advice would you give Black woman-owned businesses?

Don’t give up on yourself. Sometimes, we get tired; we don’t want to do it, but we push through it. You can be successful in anything you do. Just don’t give up.

What are travel fashion tips that you could share?

Make sure you have a nice bag that nobody else has. That’s number one. Number two, get one that can roll because then you don’t have to carry so many bags. You can put a lot of stuff

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Detroit Stylist Marv Neal Shares His Fashion Tips

Marv Neal grew up in a multigenerational home full of stylish women. He recalls a childhood marked by images of his great-grandmother, a seamstress, measuring waists and sewing hems while clients perched on crates. With ease, he can rattle off which woman in his family was known to adopt which type of style: His oldest aunt was ’70s disco glamour while his own mother was more ’90s cool.

“[Fashion] was just always around,” Neal says. “I feel like it was innate for me to get into it.”

As a boy, Neal enjoyed a master class in style, and today he’s a wardrobe stylist, working with individuals and publications, and he’s even added a few movie and TV credits to his impressive résumé.

In April 2022, Neal assisted costume designer Keia Bounds on culling just the right looks for the second season of the Starz drama BMF. The show follows the rise of the infamous Detroit crime family led by brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory, who operated most notably in the 1980s and ’90s. The production team descended on Belle Isle with trailers full of looks, and Neal was charged with tapping local staples like Hot Sam’s in Detroit to fill in the gaps with pieces like alligator dress shoes and slick suits for that unique brand of old-school Motor City magic.

“It was five days of easy work, of what I already do. It was really, really cool,” he says.

His first and greatest love is fashion coverage in magazine articles. He appreciates the opportunity to progress a specific story while spotlighting, in some cases, a dozen different looks (such as Jalen Duren’s for Hour Detroit’s feature on the Detroit Piston). He says, “I like to see my work in publications, because that’s what I dreamed of doing.”

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Style with a dark wash of Pantone blue in Summer

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Denim delight

Dark indigo Pantone blue has a natural affinity with denim, making it an ideal colour for your denim pieces this summer. An indigo denim jacket paired with a white sundress or indigo skinny jeans with a breezy off-the-shoulder top can create a casual yet stylish look perfect for summer outings.

G-Star Raw

Mix and match

Dark indigo Pantone blue pairs effortlessly with a variety of colours, allowing you to create dynamic and eye-catching ensembles. Consider combining your indigo pieces with crisp whites, soft pastels, or even bold tropical prints for a playful summer twist. A white blouse paired with indigo high-waisted shorts or an indigo jumpsuit with vibrant accessories can be the perfect balance of sophistication and fun.

Accessorise with neutrals

Accessorising is key to completing any look, and when it comes to dark indigo blue, neutrals are your best friends. Think tan, beige, or even metallic accents to add a touch of warmth and elegance to your ensemble. A wide-brimmed straw hat, a

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fashion tips fall HBCU homecoming season Clark Atlanta

Chyrelle Carter didn’t attend an HBCU, but through her business at Vanity Pix, she’s getting a taste of the experience every October.

The streetwear brand entrepreneur recently spoke to rolling out about her business journey, HBCUs and fashion tips for the upcoming fall season.

How did the concept of this brand come about?

I’ve been doing this for about five and a half years. As you see, I have the lightning bolt there [on Vanity Pix logo] because I believe in good vibes and good energy, so I’m all about that. I believe in having distinctive streetwear pieces that when you put them on, you feel amazing, you feel like you can conquer anything.

Why did you come to Clark Atlanta University’s homecoming?

Last year, I was fully employed working as a retail manager and I went to my first homecoming at TSU. I decided it would be amazing if I could do an HBCU homecoming tour. Lo and behold, I got fired in April and it allowed me to free up my time and focus on my business now.

I’ve never been to college myself, so I’m living vicariously and feeling the love by doing this and I absolutely love being around my people.

What fashion tips do you have for men this fall? 

Definitely layers. Always have your essential pieces like your favorite hoodie or favorite sweatshirt, I’m always about a staple piece. Do not be afraid to wear a staple piece, there are so many ways that you can wear it. If you need help, you can DM me, but just have fun. Let your outfit speak for you without you saying anything, but just do your own thing.

What fashions do you have available for women?

What I love about my brand is

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CEO Casey Jostine gives men fashion tips for spring

Casey Jostine has melded the world of technology and fashion with his brand, <dresscode/>. The director of operations at RenderATL, Jostine recently spoke to rolling out about tips for attire as we go into warmer temperatures.

Where did the idea of <dresscode/> come from?

<dresscode/> is the merge of fashion and tech. I’m a product manager here at Microsoft, but I also love fashion. So I decided to figure out a way to merge these two worlds and these two passions together, and that’s how I created <dresscode/>. So <dresscode/> is a tech-inspired clothing brand that merges those two worlds but also it’s the premise of being able to diversify the technical pool that we see as far as advocates in the tech industry.

What are some fashion tips you have for men in the spring?

So for the spring, we’re talking about highlights, shirts, shorts, and anything that allows you to redefine the dress code. So when you think about technologists or folks in the technology industry, it’s regular; like T-shirts, plaided pants, and boat shoes, but we need to figure out a way to bring that culture into fashion as well. So we do that through <dresscode/>.

What are you wearing tonight?

I got on a cardigan, a fresh little T-shirt, some jeans and some J’s that I just purchased not too long ago. Every single day, we’re starting to redefine the dress code, being able to allow people to express themselves creatively, especially if you’re in the tech industry as well.

What are your three favorite apps?

I’ll definitely say Pinterest is one for me.

Pinterest allows for inspiration. Whenever I’m stuck on an idea, whatever I’m pushing for, some creativity, I’ll go to Pinterest, type in something and scroll down there for hours. Then from there,

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