Lexington jewelry store still searching for thieves

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — It’s been months and a Lexington couple is still desperate for information about the team of thieves behind a late October jewelry heist at their Beaumont store.

Almaza Fine Jewelry was nearly cleaned out by at least three people carrying a saw, a hammer, and a wireless interference device.

After six months and still no leads or arrests in the massive jewelry heist at the family owned Beaumont store. Given the sophistication behind this burglary, and the lack of leads, Lexington police are wondering if the crooks are even from Lexington.

“It was very horrific, very scary, we’re still scared when we come in the store,” said Maysoon Dabbain.

Dabbain still can’t shake the fear that followed after the midnight phone call from her security company on Oct. 26.

“To our surprise, the cases were all smashed, jewelry was taken,” Dabbain said.

While detectives worked the scene, the Dabbains tried rolling back their surveillance cameras for a look at how the crime played out. They tried for hours with no luck accessing it.

“When we went home and started searching the cameras and looking at cameras and stuff, we saw they had a device,” Dabbain said.

Lexington police said the thieves brought with them a saw to cut a hole in the back door, a hammer to bust the display glass and a cellphone jammer that temporarily disabled access to the cameras that night.

“We have security doors, cameras, we have alarms everywhere but still,” Dabbain said. “They took rings, bracelets, necklaces, heavy stuff.

All gold, sold by the gram, and the losses are still being totaled — so far, over $250,000.

The October heist did cause the Dabbains to change the way they protect their jewels. They’ve invested in bigger backroom safes and don’t

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