10 Summer Aesthetics To Inspire Your Outfits

August is here, and summer fashion is in full swing. While there are a lot of ways to get dressed up this summer, there are some specific aesthetics that so far are truly defining summer looks.

Some looks have been around and thriving this summer, such as athleisure and psychedelic prints trendy, and others are emerging with summer lifestyles like music festival looks and the coastal vibe.

Get some inspiration for your summer wardrobe by checking out these trending aesthetics to switch things up. From the beach to working from home, there is something for everyone in these 10 aesthetics.


10 Coastal

The coastal look is truly inspired by Diane Keaton in any film staring her along the coast. To get this look you need white linen pants or shorts, a button-down top, a high-neck white tank, comfy sandals and a bucket hat – at the very least.

Although there are a lot of ways to get this look, the essentials include anything linen and lots of breeze button-downs, some popular ones have been in yellow and blue and white striped. Don’t be afraid to really lean into the trend with a button-down shirt, with matching boxer shorts. This outfit is comfy and ready for any summer day.

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9 70’s Music Festival

There is a music festival almost every weekend in summer, and you know you already have tickets for some fun ones. One of the most prominent trends is digging into the 70s trend with crochet, bright colors, halter tops and mini skirts.

You can get a crochet dress, or two-piece for the occasion, or find a matching two-piece halter top with a mini skirt. Don’t forget fun accessories like satin scarves, knee-high boots and fun

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