A beginner’s guide to buying vintage clothes: Tips on how to shop for the real deal

Still, it makes sense to carefully check their condition before you purchase them. Ang suggested thoroughly inspecting the garment for stains, holes, or other damage such as in the zippers and fastenings, for example.

It’s not uncommon, however, to come across pieces with some minor flaws. “Vintage clothes have been around for a while – some wear and tear are inevitable. “Such pieces are still stocked, usually because, they have value in terms of its design and style, or sometimes rarity, despite the flaws,” she explained.

What kind of flaws are acceptable then? That is entirely up to you. When one chances upon a rare gem or a piece they really like, some small imperfections (like a missing embellishment or a few loose stitches) are unlikely to diminish their enjoyment and appreciation of it. True vintage lovers embrace them as part of the clothing’s unique character and history.


It’s a misconception that all vintage clothing sizes run smaller than modern-day standards. Even if that may be true to some extent, you should still be able to find a wide range of sizes at a good vintage clothing store – it’s just that every piece is singular, and whether the size a particular piece is in fits you or not is a matter of chance.

“Our vintage clothing is handpicked from the United States and Europe, and comes in all kinds of sizes, from XXS to XXL. To ensure an individual, customised fit, alterations and resizing services are also available in-store,” shared Yeo.

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I’m petite and curvy – my most flattering fashion tips will make your body look longer and leaner

ONE style coach specializes in creating the illusion of a lengthy figure with clothing.

The five-foot-two-inch woman styled a petite and curvy client to demonstrate her fashion tips.

Style coach Chi Li dressed Bianca, a short and curvy woman, to demonstrate her fashion tips


Style coach Chi Li dressed Bianca, a short and curvy woman, to demonstrate her fashion tipsCredit: YouTube/@PetiteDressing
Chi's advice helps to elongate the body and make it appear leaner


Chi’s advice helps to elongate the body and make it appear leanerCredit: YouTube/@PetiteDressing

YouTuber Chi Li (@PetiteDressing) posted a videyoutube.com/watch?v=rMkgXGRwa-Y”o in which she covered all the ways you can make a “short and chubby” figure look long and lean.

Chi introduced her client Bianca who typically wears a size large.

She emphasized the importance of having confidence in your look before anything else.

“When you’re short and chubby, you’ve got a lot of curves, fuller bust, bigger hips, and thicker thighs.

“So, a lot of times it can be really hard to find clothing that can fit you,” Chi proclaimed.

Struggling to find the right fit can lead to baggy or loose clothing. And Chi emphasized you don’t want to wear that because it will cause you to “lose your figure completely.”

“They actually make you look even bigger and shorter,” she said.

Her first tip: Go with one-piece items instead of two-piece looks.

Chi believes a single fitted article of clothing accentuates the waist but creates a vertical line that draws the eye up and down, rather than diagonal with two pieces.

While short women tend to stick to shorter dresses, Chi advocated for longer ones or jumpsuits.

“Whenever you’re wearing a longer item, that vertical line is going to lengthen and elongate,” the style master proclaimed.

Next, Chi said to stop wearing high-neck tops.

Though you may think a conservative top conceals your fuller bust, it does the opposite.

You want to

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I’m a fashion pro & here are my 7 budget tricks which will make your kid’s school uniform last longer

WITH less than a week left of the summer holidays, most parents are ready to wave their little ones goodbye and send them back to school for some peace and quiet.

However, with the cost of living crisis only getting worse, being able to afford the back to school costs will be a challenge for many households. 

Experts have come together to give money saving tips on school uniform


Experts have come together to give money saving tips on school uniformCredit: Getty

In fact, it’s been revealed that parents fork out as much as £337 a year on school uniforms!

To help families keep the costs down, experts at MoneyTransfers.com has listed seven tips for getting the most out of your child’s school uniform when money is tight.

Tackle the stains, don’t avoid them

As a parent, there is nothing more frustrating than when your child comes home from school with stains all over their new clothes.

I'm a cleaning guru & my back-to-school checklist will make term time a breeze
Back To School Shopping List: Everything you need from John Lewis

However, it’s inevitable so the best thing you can do is learn how to get rid of them effectively.

Whether it’s ink, crayon, mud or grass, there are a few easy cleaning hacks you should try out first before you throw any stained clothing in the bin. 

Ink stains: Spray it with hairspray first and then blot over the area with a paper towel.

However, if it’s a Biro pen instead, then these stains can be removed if you lightly soak the item of clothing in some milk. 

Crayon stains: Try freezing the fabric first, this will harden the crayon and then you should be able to scrape off any excess crayon. Once this is done, turn on an iron at a medium heat setting.

While it’s heating up, put a paper towel on top of and underneath the stained area and gently press the warm iron over it. Hopefully, it

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New vintage designer clothes store ‘Pretty New Clothing’ opens in Elgin

A LOCAL businessman has opened a vintage designer clothes store in Elgin.

Pretty New Clothing is a new venture from Andrew Gentleman who owns Clean4Me in Elgin. Picture: Daniel Forsyth
Pretty New Clothing is a new venture from Andrew Gentleman who owns Clean4Me in Elgin. Picture: Daniel Forsyth

Andrew Gentleman owns Clean4Me on South Street and has worked in the cleaning industry in Moray for over 20 years.

However, recently he has expanded the business to sell vintage designer clothes as well with his new venture ‘Pretty New Clothing’ – inspired by former Oasis star Liam Gallagher’s own clothing label ‘Pretty Green’.

Andrew says that the expansion came about “naturally” and that it was time to “try something new” after more than two decades working in the cleaning industry.

“We used to clean a lot of Forces uniforms so what would happen is people would see them and tell us how smart they looked,” he said.

“Off the back of that I bought in a few uniforms just to display at first.

“From there it just kind of went from uniforms to vintage uniforms and then vintage clothing and nearly new clothing.

“That’s really how it all came together.”

Andrew said his expansion into selling clothes came about "naturally". Picture: Daniel Forsyth
Andrew said his expansion into selling clothes came about “naturally”. Picture: Daniel Forsyth

Like many business owners in Moray, Andrew struggled to cope with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, his recent expansion into selling clothes alongside his cleaning business points towards a brighter future.

“Obviously it was a worrying time for us,” he said.

“It was quite scary actually, as it was for a lot of businesses, but we’ve rode the storm.

“I’ve thought about doing this for a while so I’m glad that I’ve finally done it.

“I’ve had a great response so far and the laundrette side of the business is always busy so I’m hopeful

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These Plus-Size Clothing Stores & Brands Are Editor-Approved

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Rise in clothing costs another jab to parents’ wallets during back-to-school shopping :: WRAL.com

— It’s back-to-school shopping season and this year, prices are up.

The average household is going to spend $864 on school supplies in 2022, and it goes up to $1,200 if your student is in college, according to the National Retail Federation.

That’s a big investment for many families and an increase from last year, because the cost of clothing is up to all thanks to inflation.

Durham mom Kristen Wybieralla knows the squeeze all too well.

BBB provides tips for back-to-school shopping amid rising costs

“She’s growing like a weed,” she said of her daughter.

On this day, Wybieralla is at Old Navy, but she’s not shopping for herself.

“I haven’t bought myself clothes in a very long time because mom comes last, I guess. So I live in athleisure.”

Parents should expect to spend more on their kids this school year as prices for apparel across genders and ages are up more than five percent compared to last summer.

“Not cheap,” Wybieralla said.

Consumer spending overall hasn’t slowed down, even as prices climb. And if you’re thoughtful about your student’s wardrobe budget you can save money.

First – take advantage of the many back-to-school clothing sales.

WRAL SmartShopper Faye Prosser puts out a weekly list of back-to-school clothing deals and tells us shoppers can get extra perks by signing up with certain stores.

“Kohl’s and Macy’s and The Children’s place,” she said. “When it comes time to buy school clothes, they will all offer a discount if you sign up for their text or emails.”

Remember to unsubscribe to those alerts, after you’re done using them. Build a budget and use this opportunity to talk to your child about saving and splurging. Buy basics like socks and tees and budget-friendly stores like Walmart. And

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