Here’s How To Make Money Off of Old Clothes, Jewelry, and Books

Feeling stuck in your 9 to 5, or simply want a way to make extra cash? Selling knick-knacks from your home seems like much more trouble than its worth. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Below, three FIRST readers share how they started up their online businesses to earn extra cash. In fact, these savvy women were so successful that the extra cash has become a form of secondary income. (One earns up to $2,100 per month.) While these hobbies require a time investment, the payback is worth it. Read on to learn the secrets of making money from home off of items in your closet.

For Selling Clothes: This Reader Earns $600 Monthly on Poshmark

“About five years ago, I was looking to change over my wardrobe and purge clothes that no longer suited my style,” says Dani Mackey, 57. “I saw an ad for Poshmark, a social marketplace for new and secondhand items, and I decided to give it a try. I listed items I knew I wouldn’t miss, and when they sold, I was thrilled. I realized it could be an easy way to make cash.

“I signed up and came up with a creative name for my closet (@fancyflea). I then played around with different ways to take pictures of the items so they would look appealing. After some time, I invested in a mannequin to display the clothes. I wrote the descriptions, included measurements, posted photos, and shared the items in my closet. I also searched the platform and Google to determine the best prices for the items. I sell dresses, jeans, workout clothes, handbags, and shoes, as well as my husband’s clothes and items I find in thrift stores and even in retail stores.

“Today, I have 70,000 followers. I love making

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Sales Techniques for Jewelry | Small Business

By Updated August 07, 2022

Whether you are selling online, in a store or at an auction, specific tips for selling jewelry can help you close the sale and get the best prices for your pieces. Buying jewelry is an emotional time for some people, especially when it comes to jewelry related to weddings. You’ll often be handling sensitivities among your customers. Developing good sales techniques for jewelry is essential for success.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a jeweler or selling your unworn jewelry online, sales techniques help. Before you start selling, ask yourself some questions about your items to help determine how and where to sell your items. When done the right way, selling jewelry can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Jewelry Salesperson Job Description

A jewelry salesperson is responsible for greeting customers, helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry and closing the sale. Salespeople must be knowledgeable about different jewelry metals, gemstones and styles to best assist their customers. They must also be able to work under pressure and meet sales goals. A successful jewelry salesperson is patient, personable, and has excellent customer service skills. ZipRecruiter points out that hiring managers in this field often look for soft skills such as a positive outlook, active listening, and the ability to read a situation.

According to Indeed, the average jewelry salesperson salary is ​$46,595​ per year. Salespeople who work on commission can earn significantly more, depending on their sales ability, customer base and location. The top earners in this field make over ​$100,000​ per year. Sales skills, people skills and the ability to close a sale are necessary.

Tips for Selling Jewelry

One critical tip for selling jewelry is to take pictures of your jewelry from different angles. This range of photos

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Best Outdoor Clothing 2022 | Shopping

Since 1980 Mountain Supply has been outfitting mountaineers, backcountry skiers, backpackers and climbers with the gear and expertise they need for their outdoor adventures. The independent retailer’s won the best outdoor clothing store category for the past two years. The store’s support from the community stems from the customer service and expertise of its staff.

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“Our knowledgeable staff is really what sets us apart,” said Kevin Ganey, the general manager of Mountain Supply. “Not only do we have a little bit more of a specialized gear and a curated assortment within some of the best brands in the industry, but a wide selection of those brands as well. And really, our people and our staff really round out that in terms of being able to provide that amazing customer service, and maybe a little level of detail that you’re not going to get from the bigger box stores.”

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Those bigger box stores are surprisingly welcome competition to Ganey, who said the larger retail stores are usually the first step people take to the outdoors. As they continue and seek higher quality gear, they’ll eventually find their way to specialty retail stores like Mountain Supply. 

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“I think that we still maybe wouldn’t exist without some of those bigger stores that help bring a larger population into the outdoor space,” Ganey said. “We’re never going to say no to someone wanting to get into the outdoors; we think that’s probably one of the most healthy and best choices people can make. Especially as we’ve seen the last couple years with the global pandemic.”

FIRST PLACE: Mountain Supply


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