Divya Agarwal returns ex-boyfriend Varun Sood’s ‘khandani’ jewellery

Mumbai: Divya Agarwal surprised everyone last year by announcing her breakup with Varun Sood. The actress, who won Bigg Boss OTT, has moved on for good and is all set to tie the knot with fiance Apurva Padgaonkar soon. However, it is her past that has crept back and made her retort to some of the accusations that have been levelled against her publicly.

It started a few days ago when Varun did a Q&A session with fans on Twitter wherein he was asked if he cheated on Divya. He replied, “I didn’t bro.” Next was Varun’s sister Akshita who alleged that Divya had not returned their family jewellery. The controversial tweets were deleted later.

However, Divya noticed them and replied sternly. She began with the tweet, “I’m going to speak … very soon ❤️” And when someone called her ‘attention seeker’, she replied, “Yeah wanted that attention from him, I didn’t get hence left …”

And after the jewellery claims by Varun’s sister, Divya tweeted, “Omg not just that. Take it all!! It was anyway about give and take…but can someone stop talking as they get attention from it on news portals!”

On Thursday (Feb 23), Divya tweeted a photo of the jewellery and wrote, “Giving back the ‘jewellery’😂” Not just this, in another post, she shared that she is also sending some ‘kisses’ chocolates with it.

Looking at this, a fan reminded her how Varun had also given her his jersey on Ace Of Space. But Divya told him, “That jersey was just on the show… he took it back just after we came out of the house 😂”

To a fan, Divya also revealed, “Na kabhi pehna na kabhi maanga. Ek saal baad yaad aaya.” The reality show star also added indirectly how Varun and his sister

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