CEO Casey Jostine gives men fashion tips for spring

Casey Jostine has melded the world of technology and fashion with his brand, <dresscode/>. The director of operations at RenderATL, Jostine recently spoke to rolling out about tips for attire as we go into warmer temperatures.

Where did the idea of <dresscode/> come from?

<dresscode/> is the merge of fashion and tech. I’m a product manager here at Microsoft, but I also love fashion. So I decided to figure out a way to merge these two worlds and these two passions together, and that’s how I created <dresscode/>. So <dresscode/> is a tech-inspired clothing brand that merges those two worlds but also it’s the premise of being able to diversify the technical pool that we see as far as advocates in the tech industry.

What are some fashion tips you have for men in the spring?

So for the spring, we’re talking about highlights, shirts, shorts, and anything that allows you to redefine the dress code. So when you think about technologists or folks in the technology industry, it’s regular; like T-shirts, plaided pants, and boat shoes, but we need to figure out a way to bring that culture into fashion as well. So we do that through <dresscode/>.

What are you wearing tonight?

I got on a cardigan, a fresh little T-shirt, some jeans and some J’s that I just purchased not too long ago. Every single day, we’re starting to redefine the dress code, being able to allow people to express themselves creatively, especially if you’re in the tech industry as well.

What are your three favorite apps?

I’ll definitely say Pinterest is one for me.

Pinterest allows for inspiration. Whenever I’m stuck on an idea, whatever I’m pushing for, some creativity, I’ll go to Pinterest, type in something and scroll down there for hours. Then from there,

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Turning creative vision into reality: Two young Filipino fashion designers reveal their reliable partner

Aimee Morales –

February 28, 2023 | 11:30am

MANILA, Philippines — See the dress, but focus on the woman. That came from Vera Wang and, indeed, it’s true at least for Filipino fashion designers Gavin Ruffy and Glyn Allen Magtibay. Rather than designing great dresses to be popular, they put more importance on comfort, fit, authenticity and beauty.

Brother helps them do this through versatile products like the Brother A150 sewing machine. Like Gavin and Glyn Allen, fashion designers consider Brother machines as a reliable partner in turning their creative vision into reality.

Gavin Ruffy: Chic is subtle, simple and silent

Gavin Ruffy has been designing for almost 10 years now. He remembers his first sewing machine, a Brother that was given to him as a gift in high school. “That’s what I used when I learned how to use a sewing machine,” he recalls, “I don’t remember having a hard time using it even if there was no one guiding me aside from the manual—YouTube tutorials weren’t a thing back then!”

Today, Gavin Ruffy uses the A150 Brother sewing machine. “I like that it has many kinds of stitches in one machine. It has all the functions I need so I don’t have to buy different kinds of machines,” he explains.

“It’s also portable so I can bring my work with me so when there are days I can’t visit my studio, I can work from home. I also like that it’s computerized—so easy to adjust the settings I need to get a precise and good quality stitch.”

In college, Gavin studied Fashion Design and Merchandising at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. After working for five years in fashion retail, he started designing full-time back in 2018.

Today, Gavin Ruffy’s name has been creating a

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Masaba Started a New Beauty Line, LoveChild. Of Course, It’s Inclusive


The word multi-hyphenate has never suited anyone more than it suits Masaba Gupta, who, from the looks of it, leads many lives in one. So much that we’re a little discombobulated about how to address her – designer? Actor? Influencer? Entrepreneur? What does one call a person who is an inspiring mishmash of everything? But above all else, Masaba is a relatable Everywoman who has first-hand experienced the wrath of an unrelenting society, learned to not only weather the storm but also thrive in it, and then translated her findings into ways with which she can better the lives of women who look up to her. After spearheading a body-positive approach in everyday fashion with her clothing line, Masaba, the entrepreneur, is bringing her slant of inclusivity to beauty with her cosmo-wellness brand, LoveChild, designed to not only suit our Indian skin but also make us feel better in it.

Formulated to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup, LoveChild offers lipsticks, nail paints, face mists, intimate wipes and calming oils, made using headline-making ingredients of the global beauty world that are still Indian in their appeal. With price-points that start at as little as INR 100, it’s also inclusive in terms of who the brand caters to, which, if you ask us, is what makes it a winner already.

In an attempt to demystify the force called Masaba, who is also moonlighting as our digital cover star, we get into a free-wheeling conversation with her, and hopefully come up with something incredible ourselves.


How is Masaba the designer different from Masaba the entrepreneur and Masaba the actress?

Masaba as a designer is, of course, authentic but also very focused on maintaining a golden mean between the creative and commercial aspects of design. She is in this balancing act of

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Race Day: Dior Is Joining Fashion’s Digital Push Through a Collaboration With Gran Turismo 7

Dior’s Kim Jones designed a branded jumpsuit and redesigned a vintage Italian car.

Kim Jones, the artistic director of Dior Men, has announced a collaboration with the automotive game Gran Turismo 7. The designer joins Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière, and Burberry, who have designed skins for the games Riders Republic, League of Legends (LoL), and Honor of Kings, respectively. 

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The skin designed by Jones has the playable driver in a yellow and gray overall with matching driving gloves, a set of race-inspired Diorizon sneakers, and a helmet in a blue and gray colorway. 

Of course, the suit is branded by the atelier with the “CD” logo on the upper right—above the brand name at the center. The design also appears on the sleeves. The number “47” is likewise used as a design element, which honors Dior’s first fashion show in 1947. 

Joining in

Jones also designed a matching car, a vintage De Tomaso Mangusta, to match the skin. The collaboration marks the 76-year-old brand’s entrance into the growing virtual space. One of its competitor luxury houses, Gucci, is leading in making a metaverse presence. 

Last March, Gucci advanced its digital push with the NFT project “Gucci Vault.” At the same time, they launched “New Tokyo,” which is a space in the metaverse. 

Banner photo from @Dior on Instagram.

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Beyond Birthdays: #12MonthsAroundTheSun Celebrates Everyday Luxury

This sustainable fine jewelry brand with deep roots in the Philippines expresses its soulful narrative by celebrating pearl moments apart from anniversaries and birthdays.

Arao highlights the beauty of responsibly sourced South Sea Pearls from the country through modern classics. Its contemporary designs veer away from all things traditional and conventional, reinforcing a philosophy that pearls are more than just “your grandmother’s pearls.”

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Following the success of its Paradox collection and the game changing launch of Arao’s Pearl Lab, the Hong-Kong based jewelry label introduces the #12MonthsAroundTheSun campaign. Its soulful narrative is all about celebrating everyday luxury and pearl moments apart from just birthdays or anniversaries. 

Birthstones and Baroque South Sea Pearls

Contrasting elements of the Paradox collection–imperfectly perfect baroque South Sea Pearls and rare cut gemstones—are expanded this year to showcase the birthstones of each month. 

Instead of the usual semiprecious gems, ARAO handpicks each stone in hues that are truly exceptional. They are then paired with baroque South Sea Pearls in tones of gold, silver, gray and immaculate white. 

Area Founder Mirabel Rosar explains: “Many of our clients shop pieces to give as gifts for loved ones or for one’s self.” Selection of birthstones or gems symbolic of a milestone helps make each piece feel more personalized. The brand’s iconic Azula earrings, for instance, are  paired with various gemstones including exceptionally cut  emeralds (for the month of May), black diamonds (for April), rubies (for July), and yellow sapphires (for the month of September).

Fluid gender pieces like the Sinag necklace are also rendered with various gemstone pairings to celebrate #12MonthsAroundTheSun. This time utilizing baroque Reishi pearls, each strand features a distinctive birthstone to welcome wearers from all walks of life to embrace #12MonthsAroundTheSun. 

Banner photo

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