ADAMCZYK: The next big crisis wears too much makeup | Opinion

Just as we deal with the weather, we have grown accustomed to living from crisis to crisis, many of which, like a pain in one’s side, tend to go away after a day or two, and many of which are only crises if we pay attention to one news outlet over another.

Which is to say, what MSNBC thinks is a big deal gets no mention on Fox News, and the other way around. You’ve got to at least hear about a seismic upheaval in the affairs of the Republic before you panic over it. It makes me nostalgic for the early 1960s, when a white boy like me had little to worry about except the possibility of frying in a nuclear catastrophe.

So let’s look at some crisis futures.

Soon to be faced is a debt ceiling crisis, when the government runs out of money to pay its commitments, and you know what that means: actually you don’t because the only predictions are hysterical in nature and the word “meltdown” has lost its impact through tedious repetition.

We’ve got China vs. Taiwan coming up, sooner or later, and the United States has vigorously promised to defend Taiwan, where many of our semiconductors come from. The government of Moldova, southwest of Ukraine and similarly a former Soviet state, is readying for a coup instigated by Russia, and Wizz Airlines — you got that right, a cut-rate European airline — has already announced it will not fly in Moldavan airspace for a while. Moldova exports fruits, vegetables and wine, and no American politician will suggest that it’s worth the death of any U.S. soldier.

Then there’s the scourge of the culture wars: what to do about drag queens. The concept of men dressing gaudily as someone’s idea of

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