CEO Casey Jostine gives men fashion tips for spring

Casey Jostine has melded the world of technology and fashion with his brand, <dresscode/>. The director of operations at RenderATL, Jostine recently spoke to rolling out about tips for attire as we go into warmer temperatures.

Where did the idea of <dresscode/> come from?

<dresscode/> is the merge of fashion and tech. I’m a product manager here at Microsoft, but I also love fashion. So I decided to figure out a way to merge these two worlds and these two passions together, and that’s how I created <dresscode/>. So <dresscode/> is a tech-inspired clothing brand that merges those two worlds but also it’s the premise of being able to diversify the technical pool that we see as far as advocates in the tech industry.

What are some fashion tips you have for men in the spring?

So for the spring, we’re talking about highlights, shirts, shorts, and anything that allows you to redefine the dress code. So when you think about technologists or folks in the technology industry, it’s regular; like T-shirts, plaided pants, and boat shoes, but we need to figure out a way to bring that culture into fashion as well. So we do that through <dresscode/>.

What are you wearing tonight?

I got on a cardigan, a fresh little T-shirt, some jeans and some J’s that I just purchased not too long ago. Every single day, we’re starting to redefine the dress code, being able to allow people to express themselves creatively, especially if you’re in the tech industry as well.

What are your three favorite apps?

I’ll definitely say Pinterest is one for me.

Pinterest allows for inspiration. Whenever I’m stuck on an idea, whatever I’m pushing for, some creativity, I’ll go to Pinterest, type in something and scroll down there for hours. Then from there,

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