Ideas for a growing city, but who pays?


Manchester Skyline
Manchester is still a city of great possibilities. Photo/Brian Chicoine

Paying for Vision that becomes Reality

Over the past few years, I have shared things that could make our city an even greater place to live, work, and play. One question that I am asked a lot is how we would pay for the ideas/projects. As I have said in the past, vision is free, it’s realizing the vision that costs money. And of course, although I like to see the end result of things that I propose, I understand that in many cases we need to “dream big but start small.” 

Even though vision is free, I do understand that if vision is to become reality, at some point, financial investments will need to be made. While thinking about this, I have come up with some ideas on how projects could be funded. Because I do not believe that the government should be expected to pay for everything, I will be presenting multiple ideas.

Sometimes companies will provide funding for projects because they not only help improve the community, but can help the company recruit and retain workers as well as attract more business and get contracts. Think about it; many employees are attracted to companies that are located in nice communities with good schools and with things like restaurants, shopping, etc. In addition, working for the company that is involved in the community is a plus. It’s a win-win. So let’s think of some companies, especially locally-owned ones, that may be willing to help finance a project in exchange for – in addition to publicity – naming rights or some other benefit. (Maybe a benefit that could be passed off to employees). 

The city has received some grants for various

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