These are the 2024 fashion trends from a Nordstrom expert

In the ever-changing world of fashion, staying ahead of the curve is not an easy task. Thankfully, we have experts on our side to share that skinny jeans are out and bows are very, very in.

To navigate the style landscape of 2024, we turned to Linda Cui Zhang, the Associate Fashion Director at Nordstrom, to glean insights into the trends that will define the year ahead. With her finger on the pulse of the industry, Cui Zhang offers a glimpse into the exciting sartorial shifts awaiting us.

Cui Zhang shares fashion tips for us to embrace this year, along with her top picks, making it a breeze to shop!

Artful Layering

According to Cui Zhang, “Artful Layering takes center stage in 2024, bringing new depth to wardrobe staples through intentional layering techniques.” She suggests reimagining classics by “pairing a shirtdress over pants or tying a tonal sweater around your shoulders to create new dimensions.”

Soft Tailoring: Redefining Power Dressing

Linda advocates for embracing “Soft Tailoring as a beacon of sophistication in 2024,” where comfort meets elegance seamlessly. She recommends experimenting with “knitwear paired with tailored trousers or poplin shirts styled with maxi skirts” for a versatile and chic look.

A Touch of Sparkle: Embrace Everyday Embellishment

“Embellishment transcends evening wear, infiltrating everyday attire in 2024,” notes Cui Zhang. She encourages incorporating sparkle into daily ensembles, suggesting “a sequined skirt paired with a casual tank, or a sweatshirt adorned with subtle embellishments” for a touch of glamour.

Romantic Accessories: Infuse Feminine Charm

Prepare to indulge your romantic sensibilities with an array of accessories inspired by “the ethereal allure of Simone Rocha for Jean Paul Gaultier,” suggests Cui Zhang. She recommends embracing “ballerina flats, satin bows, pearls, and crystal beads” as the epitome of feminine charm.

Statement Denim: Embrace Bold

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