Payal Pratap’s Lakme Fashion Week collection: A fusion of modernity and tradition Inspired by Kutch

For those who appreciate style and yet believe in experimenting, ace fashion designer Payal Pratap’s collection are perfect choice. Showing her love for Kutch, she presented the rich craft with a contemporary touch. The collection shown at Lakme Fashion Week is made of handwoven khadi cotton and handloom linens, woven stripes, chambray weaves, silks, and bandhani patterns on silk.

She got candid about her collection and how Kutch became her inspiration. Payal told ANI, “Three times I have drawn inspiration from Kutch. I love every bit of that region in terms of textile, craft and all the handwork they do. I use bits and pieces from there and use it in my collection.”

The fashion designer mentioned the asymmetrical wrap skirts, lungi trousers and extensive mixing and matching as things she enjoys about the area. She claims that Kutch is known for its wide range of outfits that resemble a tapestry made of hand stitching and needlework. Sharing fashion tips for the youth today, she said, “Have your own sense of style, it’s not always necessary to adopt Western culture. Use your own ideas that make you feel comfortable.” (ANI)

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