The Vancouver Fashion Truck pops-up all over Lower Mainland

It’s kind of like an ice cream truck for stylish adults.

Megan Currie could see the world of retail was changing.

Six years ago she managed a brick-and-mortar boutique that she loved as if it was her own. When it came time to open a store for herself she was able to take the parts that she liked – like shopping parties – and identify creative solutions to the ones she didn’t.

“I knew the landscape of retail was changing so I didn’t want to open a traditional brick-and-mortar store, particularly due to high costs and the uncertainty of which location to choose. So I decided to create a business that combined the fun element of shopping parties and pop-ups with a mobile component that allowed me to reach multiple cities.”

How does the Fashion Truck work?

Currie created the Vancouver Fashion Truck, a roving women’s boutique that pops up all over the Lower Mainland, to allow her the freedom to figure out which city would be best to open a permanent space or give her the option to keep a mobile business model. The business model comes “with the excitement of ‘here today, gone tomorrow,'” she adds.

The truck usually pops up at markets or celebratory events so the experience of shopping is slightly different each time, which Currie says is part of the fun as opposed to the same stagnant setting.

However, she also launched an online store at the same time as the truck so that customers could still shop for the things they liked after she hit the road again. There’s a “find the truck” function on the website that tells people where they can expect to see the boutique on wheels next.

“Also, what store rolls up to your driveway and brings the

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