TikTokers discuss Gen Z trend cycles

With the women’s fashion market focusing on Gen Z trends more than ever, where can older Millennials in the workforce find clothes?

TikToker @mccallhansen shared this video about how she felt lost when buying clothes throughout her mid to late-20s.

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“Idk what happened. I don’t feel like I can dress in the y2k/younger gen z style. I work a corporate job but don’t need to dress business casual often,” @mccallhansen wrote in the overlay text. “I don’t know if it’s covid or what, but I’ve lost all identity of style, and everything that I identify with is way too expensive for a young working budget.”

Other Millennial women empathized with @mccallhansen’s fashion struggle. Trendy clothing brands such as Shein, Forever 21 and Aritzia are notorious for quickly shifting between fashion “micro-trends” in response to Gen Z’s rapid TikTok trend cycle.

“Yup, the pandemic completely threw my sense of style,” a TikToker commented. “I have no clue what I’m doing or what I want anymore.”

“Yesss, I’m 33, and I hate buying clothes,” another wrote. “The ‘trendy’ stuff is not for me, but I don’t want to feel ‘out of style’ either.”

“It’s horrible out there, shopping used to be so much fun,” someone chimed in.

Some viewers offered @mccallhansen shopping tips to avoid feeling “lost” when buying clothes. Many Millennial women have found refuge in shopping at thrift stores.

“Tbh, I hated shopping until I started thrifting, now I really look forward to it – it’s like a treasure hunt!” a TikToker suggested.

“I thrift a lot to

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