Predicting 2024 fashion trends | Arts & Culture

Fashion trends change year to year almost more consistently than the season. Maybe no better place exists to witness these trends evolve in real time than a college campus.

“Scarves are going in — those are kind of already in,” multidisciplinary science major Miles Felt said.

The cold weather might contribute to an increase in scarves this year, but they do seem more popular than ever. Advertising and Spanish major Aidan Gratton concurs: Scarves are coming in for 2024.

The most resounding out — with only a few years back in popularity — are baggy pants.

“Baggy pants are going to be less popular,” Felt said.

Being less popular could mean a lot of things. Baggy is probably the most en vogue style of pants right now, so becoming less popular might not completely erase them.

But rest assured, this does not mean Felt thinks skinny jeans should come back.

“Skinny jeans are always out. I hate skinny jeans — I have a vendetta against them,” Felt said.

Bows are another new trend that took over in 2023, but their time in the spotlight might be coming to a close.

“I think bows are out for sure. I feel like they were here for a sec, but they need to go because they’re oversaturated now,” anthropology major Nicole Fross said.

Journalism professor Chris Pietsch said he doesn’t keep up with college students’ fashion trends, but will continue to wear denim and flannel.

Some well-dressed individuals are open to a variety of trends coming in 2024.

“Fashion is up for everyone’s own personal interpretation so as long as you like it, then as you should. Keep wearing it,” Spanish and sociology major Melia Miller said.

Plenty of people take this advice to heart and are ready to start 2024

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