MV Pearl suspends operations for two months

MV Pearl, one of the two vessels that ply the Kalangala-Bukakkata route on Lake Victoria will suspend operations for two months effective August 4 to undergo major servicing.

Mr Joseph Mulindwa,   the public relations officer of Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) which manages the two ferries, said there will be a 30 minutes delay for every trip by MV Ssese, a sister ferry plying the same route.

“We advise our passengers to fix their schedule with the remaining vessel which will be delayed by 30 minutes on every trip during the two-month period, trying to cover routes which could have been taken by MV Pearl,” he said.

Mr Musa Kimuli, the chief engineer for MV Pearl, said MV Pearl will undergo generator and engine overhaul servicing before it resumes normal operations in October.

“Our generators have reached the running hours for a major overhaul yet it’s a manufacturer recommendation to effect the timely servicing for the safety of the ferry and the users,” he said.

Mr Augustine Kasirye, the captain of the ferry, said the ferry was last taken for major servicing in 2019 and the engineers will also help check its operational safety status.

“The survey will include the inspection of the tanks, engines and other safety appliances, an exercise that will take about eight weeks,” he said.

During the absence of MV Pearl, MV Ssese will be leaving Bukakkata at 7am for Bugoma on Kalangala Island and will be making seven routes daily, according to Mr Kasirye.

Kalangala District, a necklace of 64 habitable islands interspersed with lush vegetation, is a top tourist destination for sport fishing, bird watching, exotic beaches and stunning sunset views, among others. 

The island district can mainly be accessed via the Masaka route through Bukakkata and Bugoma with the use of the MV

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