This young royal just took fashion tips from Princess Catherine

In an effort that may have been reminiscent of Princess Catherine’s style, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium sported a yellow dress and large sunhat, just as the Princess of Wales did last summer at Wimbledon. 

As much as we love to fawn over Princess Catherine’s eternally inspiring sense of style, there are plenty of other royals out there who similarly have an amazing wardrobe. From Queen Letizia of Spain and her white A-line skirt and waistcoat, to Princess Mary of Denmark’s colorful boho maxi skirt, it’s definitely true that the British royals aren’t the only ones with style. 


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Another up and coming royal fashionista is Princess Elisabeth of Belgium at 21-years-old. While attending the Deum mass in the Cathedral on July 21 in Brussels, Belgium for National Day, the young Princess donned a floor-length, gorgeous yellow gown, as well as a large, floppy straw sunhat – and we couldn’t help but think that it was totally giving Princess Catherine energy.

young royal just took fashion tips from Princess Catherine

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The Belgian royal’s yellow dress boasted classy cap sleeves, and she paired the beautiful gown with nude heels and a pair of drop earrings, as well as that huge hat of course. 

Similarly, last summer at Wimbledon, Kate Middleton wore a similar outfit, consisting of an ankle-length yellow dress

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