8 Innovative African Fashion Brands To Get Acquainted With ASAP!

There’s never an easy time to build a new fashion label. But these brands are making big moves—like finding innovative ways to create a niche for themselves in the African and global fashion space.

Fashion in 2023 isn’t about being on trend so much as it is about having a deeply original sense of personal style. And so, these designers go their way, offering unique looks that suit every individual style personality.

From fresh takes on tailoring to turning deadstock fabric into treasure and a one-of-kind weaving, printing, and embroidery piece, below are eight innovative African fashion brands whose works we admire.

Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa)

An architect and textile designer by training, Capetown-based Sindiso Khumalo believes in the power of handcraft. A 2020 co-winner of the LVMH Prize, she partners with NGOs and small workshops in South Africa and Burkina Faso on woven, crocheted, hand-printed, and embroidered looks. Some of the brand’s pieces are made with organic cotton and beautifully hand quilted for structure.


Fozia Endrias (Ethiopia)

An ethical and sustainable casual wear brand from Addis Ababa, Fozia Endrias was established by the forces of passion, enthusiasm and the drive of creating new things out of all that exists.

The brand is known for its use of pastel and earth tone colours, patches and stripes made of recycled and upcycled materials and its structural, oversized, and kimono-based designs which create the unique aesthetics Fozia Endrias is known for.

Ekuaaddo (Ghana)

Ekuaaddo is an Afrocentric and pluricultural fabric company that creates ready-to-wear and alternative-style garments and accessories. The brand finds inspiration in the infusion of Pre-Columbian, Caribbean and Ghanaian cultural elements.

With the motto “fabrics that speak”, it prides itself in bringing the past to life. Family, Heritage and Tradition are the elements which keep the brand together, ensuring that

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