A need for speed: When Dior met Gran Turismo

tainment – the digital Dior assets include a racing suit and customised, cream-coloured De Tomaso Mangusta, an Italian sports car manufactured between 1967 and 1971. 

These in-game items feature the Dior oblique motifs, ‘CD’ diamond initials, and a  “Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne” patch in a style similar to what you would have seen in the ’60s and ’70s. The cream-coloured sports car exterior features the number “47”, as a tribute to 1947.

The in-game digital avatar skin has been designed by Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones. It consists of a yellow and grey racing suit, matching gloves, reinterpreted Diorizon shoes, and blue and grey helmet.

From 25 August, Gran Turismo 7 players will be able to apply the new and exclusive racing gear to their driver avatar in the game.

Inspirations for the designs were drawn from the glamourous Dior perfume adverts from the ’60s through the ’80s, which conveyed a luxurious lifestyle. During this era, high-end perfume brands sponsored famous car races, such as the Dakar Rally and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

This collaboration is vastly different to when other premium brands have made in-game skins for AAA games or created their own digital games and mini-games on platforms such as Roblox. The high-definition graphics and realistic look of Dior’s racing gear showcase a more elevated style that appeals to a Gran Turismo audience that has a love of luxury sports cars both modern and vintage. 

It might not be Dior’s usual style to design a racing suit and customise a sports car; however, the result is a highly sophisticated ensemble and sports car fit for real-life races. It makes you wonder why it has taken so long for games to take fashion seriously.

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