Fashion creative Doctor Garmentz shows off his eccentric threads and one of a kind vintage finds

Doctor Garmentz (@doctorgarmentz) is one-of-a-kind, and his wardrobe is no different. The creative director behind fashion label Organic Garmentz and native New Yorker has over 120k followers on TikTok, where he shares fashion tips and New York City shopping, food, and nightlife recommendations. In this episode of Coveted Closet, the Doctor is in! Doctor Garmentz gives us a tour of his eclectic closet filled with unique vintage finds.

Doctor Garmentz finds fashion inspiration everywhere. From the streets of New York City to his own mother, he pulls from his surroundings to curate his own unique style.

“She’s really big into fashion,” says Doctor Garmentz of his mother. “She was the first person that I’d really seen with a lot of different designer bags, different things like that. So I think just subconsciously I kind of picked up on that.”

Doctor Garmentz begins the closet tour with a recap of the outfit he’s wearing, which includes a Y/Project double collar shirt, a Comme des Garçons skirt over a pair of Organic Garmentz pants, and a pair of SWEAR Exterminator sneakers. “It’s not really Doctor Garmentz unless I have the sunglasses,” says the fashion creative as he adds his signature accessory.

Next, he shows off a vintage Versace cardigan from his dad and a showstopping House of Errors all-seeing eye leather jacket. Moving onto the shoe collection, Doctor Garmentz showcases a pair of Toga Virilis studded slip-ons and a pair of Prada sneakers he’d wanted since he was a kid.

When asked about his favorite outfit, Doctor Garmentz changes into a pair of jeans he custom-tailored himself and a green Maison Margiela sweater, which he accessorizes with a Vivienne Westwood watch and a pair of Dior sunglasses.

With the closet tour complete,

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